Bethenny Frankel Thinks Sonja Morgan “Creates Imaginary Businesses” To Stay Relevant

Last season on Real Housewives of New York, pretty much no one believed in Sonja Morgan or gave her the time of day except for Bethenny Frankel. Bethenny is arguably the busiest one in the bunch, but she still managed to make it to some of Sonja’s business meetings and attempt to serve as her mentor. She encouraged Sonja to be realistic while still being kind to her.

It looks like that’s all out the window. Even though Bethenny and Sonja were not in the same room at all during the most recent episode of RHONY, Sonja threw her name around a lot. She kept talking about how she wanted Bethenny to go to her birthday party/business launch and how she wanted Bethenny to be proud of her burgeoning Prosecco business. Well, it turns out that Bethenny is not at all supportive of Sonja’s latest attempt at entrepreneurship.


First off, I think it’s a little much to tie in your business launch with a birthday party. The event should have focused on one aspect only, but that’s just my opinion. I also thought it was super weird how Sonja kept talking about how she wanted Bethenny to go to her party, yet she did not reach out to her.


Apparently Bethenny also found that to be kind of odd since she addressed it in her Bravo blog: “Come on Sonja, it’s like you’re an actress now. ‘Bethenny didn’t RSVP, so I guess that means she’s coming.’ Since when is that what that means? You know I’m not coming because Ramona told you, and because you know we haven’t spoken in months.” Classic Bethenny: telling it like it is. And in all honesty, if Sonja really wanted Bethenny to show up, then she should have contacted her. A lack of RSVP does not guarantee attendance. In fact, it means the opposite.

Then Bethenny threw in this random barb: “And please stop deflecting onto Ramona your substance abuse issues. That’s just cowardly. Own your own stuff.” Oh shit. It’s getting real. 

Bethenny then hit Sonja where it will really hurt her by attacking her “business sense.” She really went in when she wrote, “Sonja has had: an event company, a jewelry line, toaster, Nigerian football team, fashion line, and now a Prosecco – none of which have come to fruition. It is laughable but more sad.” I guess those days of trying to mentor Sonja are long gone – clearly.

Bethenny went in for another dig when she wrote, “Women, this is not how it works. This is the problem when being a reality star is your actual job versus having a career the show follows. People create imaginary businesses to stay relevant.” Oh wow. Bethenny is definitely not playing around. At all. The woman is absolutely fuming. 

Bethenny touched on a comment that Dorinda Medley made, but then talked about how it doesn’t really apply since she created her own niche in the liquor industry, “Dorinda is right that there is room for everyone. I singlehandedly cracked the code and invented a category in the spirits industry, and it was next to impossible.” She really did build up a way bigger empire than anyone expected, so props to her.

Bethenny took the diss a step further and called out Housewives from other franchises who (tried to) sell their own alcohol: “Ramona, Teresa, Kathy Wakile, NeNe, Vicki and the OC girls and more have all followed suit. I know the numbers and believe me, it isn’t easy and almost all have discontinued or are currently a vanity play. I have begrudged none of them. There is room for everyone, and I hit it out of the park.” Nothing like an insult aimed at multiple people coupled with a humble brag about yourself to get the point across.

Bethenny addressed the thought that we all have about the similarity between Sonja’s Prosecco that she wants to call “Tipsy Girl” and Bethenny’s Skinnygirl empire: “I believe people are wondering how I will feel about Tipsy Girl because Sonja has a drinking problem. I have a brand called Skinnygirl, including a Prosecco, and I am supposedly her mentor who had no idea.” Bethenny is more than upset about this and I can see where she is coming from. It definitely is a little shady to create a product that your mentor has and to give it a similar name. 


Bethenny put the nail in the coffin when she wrote, “Please note, the product is not available for sale. This may just be another sideshow to stay on the main show.” To be honest with you, Sonja has plenty of antics that will keep her on the show I don’t think that anyone cares about her business attempts as much as people enjoy watching her dating and partying. She should just stop talking about all these businesses and start bringing the film crew out with her when she hits the bar.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]