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Ramona Singer is um… really letting her inner Bethenny Frankel come out! Following last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of New York, Ramona went nuclear on Twitter by lashing out at both Dorinda Medley and Luann de Lesseps

First of all, Ramona does not like being disinvited from a party, nor does she like being thrown out of a party

Oh Ramona – there really is no defending your actions. Not the way you behaved at Dorinda and John’s party – the one you weren’t invited to, but certainly made sure to get thrown out of. Nor the way you savaged your supposed friend Sonja Morgan. Nor the vulgar comments you made about Luann in order to make her look bad, and the desperate way you glommed onto creepster Rey in the hopes of unearthing more salacious gossip. Dorinda said Ramona needs a hobby and a life. So Ramona got active – on Twitter. 


Live-tweeting the episode, WWHL, where Luann was the guest, and the WWHL Aftershow, Ramona countered every single one of the countess’s comments. The root of this Ramonacoaster ride was Luann‘s fiance, Thomas D’Agostino Jr, disinviting Ramona from Lu’s surprise party

Let’s first tackle Ramona’s blow-up with Dorinda. Ramona is livid after John shoved his hand in her crazy eyes and called him abusive. 

“I was so disgusted..I thought @ramonasinger was leaving with that nut job and I know she’s almost as certifiable as HE clearly was…. or IS,” tweeted Dorinda. “Only you are certifiable and you know why I’m disgusted by the way John treats women including You!” responded Ramona. 

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It was disrespectful to me, to John, to Malan, the caterer, the press, the guests, & the employees who worked hard to put this together,” added Dorinda.


Sonja also chimed in, “This is @ramonasinger who is embarrassed 2bseen out w who? She’s getting thrown out of the party. #usual #fighting She’s #dating gr8 #image” 


Ramona then directed her ire towards Luann. Strangely, after bickering over John (again), Dorinda and Ramona REUNITED to call Luann a liar over the birthday party disinvite! Good lord – I cannot keep up with these broads!

To cover the basics: Ramona was disinvited to Luann’s surprise birthday party, apparently two minutes before it started. Luann’s fiance told her it was because of the weather, so Ramona thought the party was canceled. After the fact, she learned the only thing canceled was her invitation. Ramona claims she was then “re-invited.” Yet, on WWHL, Luann said Ramona was disinvited because Dorinda and John were attending. 


“@CountessLuann nothing like squirming and throwing @DorindaMedley and John under the bus,” accused Ramona. “@CountessLuann really you need to practice what you #preach” 


Ramona has since deleted a lot of her tweets directed at Luann. I wonder why. #UnearthThePinotDirt

However, strangely leaping to Ramona’s defense, Dorinda denied having anything to do with the Ramonacoaster’s rescinded invite.


“I would NEVER manage someone’s guest list. @ramonasinger and @CountessLuann should know better.… That would be #classless of me!!!!” insisted Dorinda, who claims that presently her relationship with Ramona is fine. Uhhhh? “If I didn’t want to see someone at a party I just wouldn’t go. I was looking forward to seeing @ramonasinger.. we talked an hr before abt it.” 


Ramona must have finally passed out after the AfterShow. Which she managed to make it through just to see if Luann would say anything else. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.24.17 PM

Isn’t that a bit like the pinot bottle calling the countess drunk? Anyway. Whatever psych meds these girls are taking – refund!


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