Sonja Morgan Is Done Being Loyal To Ramona Singer

To be honest, I really thought that Ramonja was the only Real Housewives duo that we could count on to last forever. Based on the most recent episodes of Real Housewives of New York, this could not be further from the truth. Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer are no longer best friends. It is blatantly obvious and pretty sad. These two used to bring some lighthearted laughs to the show. Now we are stuck watching them argue about who has the best imaginary business empire.

Ramona has been coming for Sonja and usually Sonja just lets the insults roll off her back. I don’t know if that’s because she is just a positive person who’s not into the controversy or if she just didn’t notice that her supposed best friend was coming for her with veiled concerns. Sonja has finally read the writing on the wall and she is calling out Ramona for being a hypocrite and a shitty friend. Well, not in those words, but she did have a lot to say about her.


It seems like Sonja has nothing but love for Ramona when I watch the RHONY episodes, but when I read her Bravo blog, it is clear that she has other feelings. Sonja may be a lot of things, but I could never say that Sonja was mean, so I am pretty shocked to read her blog and see her really coming for Ramona. But you know what, she’s not wrong. Ramona is beyond self righteous and is just being a terrible friend to my girl Sonja.

First, Sonja called out Ramona for her weird investment in Dorinda Medley’s relationship with her boyfriend John Mahdessian: “She’s been blurting out hurtful things about Dorinda’s relationship with John because it’s embarrassing to her?! Meaning embarrassing to Ramona. As if Ramona is never embarrassing.” Ouch, but Sonja really isn’t wrong. Ramona has been slurring her words and wearing ill fitting outfits on TV for many years.

I’m not totally sure what Sonja means, but she also wrote, “John is a nice guy, and Ramona is bringing out the worse in many of us by rearing her Ramona-monster head.” I guess she is insinuating that Ramona is instigating conflict among the clique. Color me shocked (cue eye roll).

Clearly, Sonja is done playing second fiddle to Ramona since she just let it all hang out and brought up shit from years ago: “Ramona’s being a pill. She’s so hot and cold I never know what to expect from her since she found out about Mario. I just try to be supportive. It’s not like I haven’t been there for her all along. Like in Morrocco. Or when rumors flew about Mario. It’s not like I don’t know her inside out. It’s not like I haven’t been through divorce myself. Sometimes she acts like I’m a complete stranger and everyone else is more important. Closer. Or that she is superior to me.” Ramona definitely pulled away from Sonja in the middle of that messy divorce and it was not right. Sonja was the only one who consistently defended her and Ramona has zero gratitude nor loyalty. SMH.

Sonja also brought up a story line that has annoyed me way too much: Ramona getting mad at Luann de Lesseps for re-gifting a necklace for her birthday present. I just don’t care about this anymore and it’s been discussed way more than it ever deserved to be. After recapping the story for what seems like the millionth time, Sonja wrote, “There’s always an underlying tension between Luann and Ramona. It’s not about the gift, because like I said, Ramona never gives me a gift for my birthday. Friends don’t have to give gifts. I never thought about it til this squabble.” Is anyone at all shocked that Ramona has never given Sonja a birthday gift? Clearly that best friendship was a one-way street. 

I have no idea how Ramona thinks she can get away with acting like she is holier than thou, but she is no angel- which is totally fine- I just don’t get why she is pretending to be one all of a sudden. Sonja is over that shit too: “And then her comment about my house becoming a brothel. What is she worried about? We are adults. Our kids are away at school. We are entitled to enjoy ourselves, especially if we are about to settle down again. Ha! Ramona shouldn’t talk. She’s just getting out there again, and we have been there for a while. If I were Ramona, I would be worried about herself.” Seriously though. Ramona has brought her own wine and glassware to non-drinking events and is always on the prowl looking for a new conquest. There’s nothing wrong with that, but she’s hating on Luann and Sonja for doing the same exact shit. That make no sense at all.

Sonja made me laugh out loud when she wrote, “I mean really, Turtle Time is worried?!  LOL. She likes to party.” Seriously, though. Ramona’s entire RHONY persona is based off of partying and insulting people, so I don’t feel like she has any right to hate on anyone else- ever.

Then I got pretty giddy when Sonja spilled some more tea: “I stayed out all night in Turks and Caicos with her, protecting her when she tried to pick up the restaurant owner she blockaded the rest of the girls from, subsequently pissing then off. I stood right by her. Sounds like she’s jealous of me having more fun with Luann. She’s the one that leaves them upstairs at home in Turks and Caicos. Hypocritical much? Just relax.” Oh shit. Sonja just put Ramona on blast- FINALLY. I just cannot believe that Ramona is calling out anyone for hooking when she is always on the hunt for the d. 

Then Sonja had to mention her latest business venture while taking another dig at her former BFF: “When everyone does a toast to tasting Tipsy Girl, Ramona is downright rude saying she isn’t drinking. Ramona drinks day and night. When is she not drinking? The respectful thing to do is to raise your glass. Period.” It’s not like Ramona’s Pinot Grigio is flying off the liquor store shelves and even if it was, I don’t see why she can’t just be happy for her friend. Sonja has had some extremely messy finances, so I just figured she would want her friend to get back on her feet.

Sonja brought up another aspect of her “empire” again as an additional example of how Ramona has offended her: “In fact, she said something snippy on Watch What Happens Live when Andy asked her about my fashions. Not nice! Not a good look on a lady. I have been nothing but supportive of Ramona’s here-today-gone-tomorrow business ventures.” I laughed out loud at that last part. Ramona always touts herself for being such a businesswomen, but her professional endeavors are just as unclear as Sonja’s.

And finally, Sonja said what we were all thinking: “She’s not worried about Luann and my partying or my business. She’s drawing unattractive attention to herself. Ironically.” EXACTLY.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]