Teen Mom 2 Recap: Backsliding

It seems like every time things start to improve for the Teen Mom 2 moms and dads, they take a big step back – except for Jenelle Evans, who never seems to be improving.

On last night’s episode, Jenelle’s health is rapidly deteriorating, with a list of symptoms ranging from hot flashes to an inability to spell. Kailyn Lowry works on improving her relationship with Vee Torres, but things are looking rockier between her and Javi Marroquin. Any good feelings Leah Messer had left about her relationship with Corey Simms are gone after hearing what Ali’s going through at his house. Things are still blissful in Chelsea Houska Land, especially when Adam Lind proves he hasn’t changed, even though for a split second, it seemed like he was really trying to be a better father.


Teen Mom 2 recap

Once again, Jenelle and David Eason are out at a restaurant without Kaiser. Barbara Evans hasn’t said anything to Jenelle about David since their argument because, according to David, she knows she’s wrong. Jenelle calls her mom to ask about seeing Jace, but Babs wants to discuss it first given that David had called the cops on her last time. Jenelle quickly jumps to David’s defense, claiming that he was respectful until Babs raised her voice and insists David’s a good guy – he has a job! What a terribly low standard. Jenelle might be the only person who would be impressed by Adam Lind’s career, car, and house (other than Adam himself).

Even though Jenelle wants to see Jace, she might not be able to drive because she has been having hot flashes, nightmares, and night sweats, which she has self-diagnosed as a thyroid issue and not at all related to drug abuse. Getting back to the subject of Jace, Babs is okay with Jenelle seeing him, but they need to talk about timing. What the hell?! I thought Babs wasn’t going to take Jace to Jenelle’s house anymore. And still, Jenelle is ungrateful and rude as she wraps up the call. Of course Creepy Uncle Dave has opinions on all of this. First, he thinks Jace needs one-on-one time with Jenelle, as if Jenelle has any interest in actually spending time with Jace. Also, Jace needs a father figure in his life and presumably David thinks he’s that figure (creep!). Also, Barbara doesn’t care about Jenelle because, if she did, she never would have taken Jace away in the first place. I can’t take much more of this guy.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Jenelle doesn’t pick Jace up after all because she has a doctor’s appointment and her symptoms are getting worse. Babs is driving around with Jace when Jenelle calls. She’s out of her doctor’s appointment, but they did nothing for her. While the doctor she had seen at the hospital prescribed Xanax, the new doctor refused to give her anything since she’s flagged in the system as a narcotic addict. Jenelle told that stupid doctor that she was addicted to heroin and opiates – it had nothing to do with benzos. Duh! Jenelle starts with her horrible whiny cry and is convinced she has MS. Barbara fights back laughter, then suggests it might be diabetes.

Later, Jenelle goes to New York to see a neurologist there. She brings David along and leaves Kaiser with David’s sister. While out at a bar, Jenelle complains that she never sleeps and she feels as if she has spidey senses, like she can see molecules. So basically, tweaked out. Then she rattles off all of the symptoms she’s had: hot flashes, insomnia, numb fingers, shakiness, anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, eyes hurt, eyes feel huge, knee joints click when sitting, back pain, head feeling like it’s non-stop shaking, numb tongue, unable to taste, loss of appetite, loss of balance, dizziness, extreme weakness, loss of coordination, feeling of being in a fog, cannot spell, hard to put sentences together, hard to read, uncontrollable body jerks, pins and needles in hands and feet, itchy legs, and a migraine. I looked up her symptoms on WebMD and the most likely cause is Jenelle being a drugged-out drama queen. Speaking of which, she tells David she’s glad to be seeing a doctor in New York who doesn’t know her history with drugs and will not judge her (and will give her drugs).

A couple days later, Jenelle hasn’t heard from the neurologist and is unreasonably upset that the doctor’s office closed at 4:00. Add irritability to the list of the symptoms. “I try everything for my health and nothing f–king works!” Jenelle wails. Hmmm. As she cries that no one cares about her, David starts to give her a creepy thigh massage and the scene quickly and mercifully ends.

Teen Mom 2's Vee and Jo

At Kail’s house, Lincoln beats up Isaac while one dog humps another’s neck. She certainly has her hands full! But without any friends and Javi away, Kail decides to invite Vee out to lunch. When things are bad between her and Jo Rivera, she prefers to talk to Vee anyway, so they might as well be friends. Hopefully she won’t try to convince Vee that Jo is a horrible, disgusting person, but I feel it’s just a matter of time.

Later, Vee tells Jo about her text from Kail and wonders if Kail wants to talk about something. I agree with Jo, it’s a little weird. It’s one thing to get along, but trying to be friends with a fair-weather friend like Kail seems impossible. He points out that Kail has been so different toward them since Javi has been gone. Vee thinks this might be the perfect opportunity for her, Jo, and Kail to rebuild their co-parenting triangle, at least until Javi returns.

Javi FaceTimes Kail, who fills him on her lunch date. It’s a stupid thing for Javi to be insecure about, but it seems like Kail hopes this will make him jealous. She tells Javi that Jo’s not going, and Javi looks relieved. Changing the subject, Javi says he’s tired after a long day of work the day before and getting up early this morning. Not one to sympathize, Kail tells him he can sleep when he’s dead. And she doesn’t want to hear him whine about his 12-hour shift when she works 24-hour shifts at home.

Teen Mom 2 recap

After being rude and dismissive to him, Kail asks Javi why he’s so cranky. Obviously, he’s upset because she shows him no emotion and doesn’t seem to care about him at all. She snarkily says she’s a robot, and I’m almost inclined to agree, but robots are devoid of ALL emotion, whereas Kail very much feels the emotions of annoyance and anger. She berates Javi for not appreciating the time they have to talk, then gets too annoyed with him and ends the call.

Vee meets Kail for lunch and Lincoln tags along. They start the conversation talking about what they have in common: kids. Kail tells Vee she’s done having kids even though Javi wants another one. And while they’re on the subject of Javi, Kail mentions the previous FaceTime conversation and how it’s difficult to talk to Javi since they always run out of things to talk about and she can’t relate to what he’s going through. Apparently, trying to stir the pot, Kail tells Vee that Javi was a little confused by their lunch date. “Does he hate me?” Vee worries. Kail assures her he does not, which is a relief for Vee. She wants everyone to get along for the kids and, if anything, she and Javi can relate to each other as step-parents stuck in the middle of tired drama between Kail and Jo. Vee encourages Kail to get together with Jo to try to repair their relationship. It’s a sweet sentiment, but they’ve been down that road many times and it always ends badly.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Leah drops Ali off with Corey with after physical therapy. Corey asks Leah to discuss Ali’s diet with the doctor if he can’t make it to the next appointment. Ali hasn’t been eating at Corey’s house, but Leah hasn’t noticed any issue at her house. Corey thinks Ali’s losing weight, but Leah thinks she’s staying the same weight. I’m positive they’re about to erupt into an argument, but Leah agrees to talk to the doctor and walks away.

When Leah tells her sister, Victoria, that Ali hasn’t been eating at Corey’s house, Victoria’s eyes bug out. She goes on a long, nearly incoherent rant about Corey and what Leah should have said to him. She thinks Leah should talk to Ali and find out why this is only happening at Corey’s house. Maybe Corey doesn’t buy Lunchables?

Teen Mom 2 recap

Later, Leah piles all three girls into one of her many cars. Has anyone kept track of how many she has? She drops the twin girlses off with Corey and tells him the Ali weighs 35 pounds. The doctor said this was a good weight for her height. Corey seems satisfied. Another fight averted.

The next day, Leah gets a call from her cousin Chastity. Ali had started talking to Chastity about Miranda Simms, so Chastity recorded the conversation on her phone. Chastity sends the video to Leah. In it, Ali says that she asked Miranda to help her with her bookbag, but Miranda wouldn’t because she was holding the baby. Ali also says Remi gets all the attention. Leah is distraught, apparently forgetting all the terrible things the girlses say about her to Corey and Miranda. Those kids are playing you, Leah! Leah shows the video to Victoria, who launches into yet another bug-eyed rant, this time about Miranda being a lazy bitch. Nice. Leah reminds her that this is just as much Corey’s fault for allowing this to happen. So much for progress.

Teen Mom 2's Aubree and Cole dance

Chelsea goes out to lunch with Randy Houska while Aubree and Cole DeBoer have lunch together elsewhere. Chelsea tells Randy that if Aubree breaks her glasses, she has to pay for new ones with her own money. That’s her way of teaching Aubree to take care of her things. She’ll be broke in no time. There’s going to be a father-daughter dance at Aubree’s school. While she hasn’t heard from Adam, she’ll let him know about the dance and see if he shows up. Aubree wants to take Adam and Cole.

The day of the dance, Chelsea hasn’t heard from Adam. Aubree wants to go anyway and is happy to go with Cole because he’s her “other dad.” Chelsea curls Aubree’s hair and gets her all dolled up. She looks absolutely adorable! She’s not wearing her glasses, though.

Later, Aubree and Cole return from the dance with smiles and heart-shaped balloons and show Chelsea how they danced. Aubree says her favorite part of the dance was playing with her friends. Cole looks a little crushed. Then she tells Chelsea that her other dad didn’t come. “I told you that might happen,” Chelsea says. Adam will probably say that Chelsea didn’t give him enough notice or think of some other reason why it’s Chelsea’s fault he didn’t show up. For all we know, it could have been his weekend with Paislee, but he should have at least called Aubree to let her know he wouldn’t make it. He’s still totally worthy of custody, though, since he has a house and all.

Teen Mom 2 recap

After Aubree goes to bed, Chelsea asked Cole if Aubree said anything about Adam. She just said she wonders why her other dad didn’t show up. I’m sure she didn’t expect him to, but she probably wants to know what was more important. Understandable. Chelsea says if she were a single mom, she would have taken Aubree, but she appreciates Cole stepping in. Cole shows Chelsea a video of Aubree at the dance shouting, “Let’s get this party started!” I’m glad Adam didn’t ruin her night.

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