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Dorinda Medley and Paula Abdul were Andy’s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight after the new episode of The Real Housewives of New York.  Dorinda fielded questions about her relationship with John Mahdessian, not inviting Sonja Morgan to her get-together in the Berkshires and more.

The first question from a view is to ask if she’s still not speaking to Ramona Singer. “No, no, we’ve moved on. We have twenty years invested in this. She’s the Apologizer, I’m the Forgiver.”

How did Ramona feel about Dorinda introducing Tom to Luann? “Well, she didn’t know I did it and I didn’t realize there was this dalliance between them. I didn’t even realize it til after the show aired. I still can’t get my head around this murky water. Sonja, Ramona, someone else. I still don’t know to tell you the truth.”

How hard is it for Dorinda to have to defend John all the time? “I think you have to stand in for what you believe in and I believe in my relationship and at the end of the day I don’t have to define it for anyone else. As I say all the time, we do have a volatile relationship. My life is volatile. So, people can interpret it the way they want and I really don’t care, I don’t give a shit.”

Does she think Bethenny and Carole continue to be mean girls about Jules? “It’s a funny thing, it’s like somewhere along the line they decided they weren’t gonna like her. The girl can do no right. I don’t get it. Of course I love Jules but she literally can do nothing – if she brings food, they’re mad at her, if she doesn’t bring food, they’re mad at her. I don’t know, it happens sometimes. There’s that mean girl thing that happens and they run with it.”

John is in the audience and when a caller asks about his status with the other girls right now, he says it’s all good. Dorinda says he’s Armenian and a forgiver, so a good meal and it’s forgotten.

Does Dorinda feel bad for leaving Sonja out of the party, especially after what happened without her being there anyway? Andy says Sonja has been Tweeting up a storm about it and even texted him today about it. “I really don’t. I stood by my decision because as you can see as the episode unfolds, it really gets ugly up there. At that point I thought Sonja wasn’t in an emotional position to be there. And I know you guys don’t believe it, but I swear to God it came from a protective place and I still stand by the decision.”

Did Ramona offer to get the carpet cleaned after her dog pooped on it?  Dorinda says “what do you think??” Andy says “no.” Dorinda adds that Ramona wouldn’t even admit that he pooped on the carpet.  Hilarious since it’s caught on film.

Poll question – do Bethenny and Luann have the same hair? 48% said yes.

Sonja’s Tweets Andy was referring to:

— I don’t need dorinda to protect me from my friends that I know longer than her

— Not nice to “protect” me from @bethenny. She wasn’t even mad anymore. Not cool   to ice me out.

— Not nice @ramonasinger you knew this wasn’t just “1 night” What a bitch. @DorindaMedley knew too

–Any castmate would feel bad excluding another at an all-cast filming @BravoWWHL @Andy of course @CountessLuann needed to go

–Been doing this a long time. @DorindaMedley I don’t need u to “protect” me @ramonasinger “concerned” lies as usual @Andy @BravoWWHL #iceout


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