I know that Brandi Redmond agrees with me when I say that I really did not appreciate LeeAnne Locken bringing in that obnoxious Heidi Dillon lady on the last Real Housewives of Dallas episode. Who is that woman? There was no reason for her to be on this episode and there is no reason for her to wear any of the outfits that she did. I felt like I was getting visually assaulted. LeeAnne was already extremely off-putting on her own so I don’t get why she needed to bring in someone else with the sole purpose of offending and embarrassing her fellow cast members.

On some level, I’m sure that Brandi was ecstatic that she was not LeeAnne’s target (for once), but it had to be so painfully awkward attending that Gothic State Fair party. I felt vicariously awkward from my couch at home, so I can’t imagine actually being there. It was definitely a set up to gang up on Cary Deuber and Brandi was definitely appalled.


In all honesty, that party was god awful. The theme was weird as hell. Heidi was the worst host ever. I don’t get why LeeAnne would admit to inviting Brandi, Stephanie Hollman, and Cary for the sole purpose of getting Heidi to judge them and share a negative opinion about them. The entire thing was just so malicious and contrived. Oh and on top of that the party was insanely lame. There was no ambiance. I didn’t see one person smiling or having fun. 

Brandi wrote about the terrible party in her Bravo blog: “Okay, moving on to the Gothic State Fair. First, can we all agree that this was AWKWARD!” Ummm yeah, the word “awkward” is actually a major understatement in this case.

Brandi proved that she saw right through LeeAnne’s bullshit when she wrote: “I think there was an agenda to humiliate Cary, and I didn’t want any part in it. The gossip that was buzzing had nothing to do with me, and I don’t agree with trying to tear down marriages, especially when children are involved.” It’s one thing to address someone’s marriage during a conversation with a related topic, but no one was talking about that at all. It was completely out of left field and from a blatantly malicious place. It was really mean-spirited and awful.

I have to state again that Heidi is the worst party host on the planet. The event was lame and she was so awful to everyone and Brandi felt that as well when she wrote, “If you saw my face when Heidi said Cary was going to demonstrate on a hot dog shocked me. Who does something like that to their guests? It was rude and inappropriate.” It was beyond inappropriate. Heidi is disgusting and she is probably just jealous that Bravo did not cast her to be a part of this show.

Then Brandi stated the obvious when she wrote, “I don’t think this party was a success — we were all leaving before the sun even made it down.” Well yeah, I would have hightailed it out of there immediately after I ate the delicious-looking snacks. That party was godawful.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]

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