This week’s episode of Heather Dubrow’s World included some scoop on the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, plus a little info on the upcoming Season 8: Uncensored special. Heather also gave a quick update on the investment-gone-scam lawsuits.

Heather says that the RHOC cast filmed a cool special for a behind the scenes look at season 8 (we’re on season 11 right now, just fyi).  Season 8 was the year Lydia McLaughlin joined. “They sat us all down and did interviews with us.” She says that it was the season that Gretchen Rossi proposed to Slade Smiley. Heather says they got to talk about anything and everything and break down the fourth wall during this look back. “We talked about the producers, we talked about the other cast members, it is so cool. I’ve seen pieces of it. It’s funny, it’s sad – some of it, and it’s interesting.”

Heather said that people always ask why some wives stay so long and others don’t, “Some people who have real stories and show their real lives make great reality stars because it’s real. When you try to self-produce the audience cries B.S. and that’s it. And you will see very pointedly about one person on the show why they were not asked back, because they were popular.” 

Heather says fans are going to love it – it airs June 13th, the week before the season 11 premiere.

Heather then shares that she thought last season was amazing because they are finally such a tight group of connected friends and everyone’s stories were so real and raw.  But she says that this season takes it “so many steps farther.”  She says that the addition of Kelly Dodd is a good one and that leaving things the way they did last season, fans will be surprised seeing where everyone’s relationships are now – especially with the way things were with everyone and Vicki at the end of season 10.

Heather clarifies again that the scene in the super teaser of her sobbing in the car is not over her and Terry. She says it’s misleading and she called and complained but laughed and said that “nobody cared” about her gripes.  She does say she cried more this season than she has in all the past seasons.

Heather then about her crazy lawsuit situation with the $2 million scam. She says that the reason they went public is because they do not want anyone else losing money to any of these people. Heather says that Attorney Steve Czick has been so slippery and pulling all of his lawyer type maneuvers that the judge in the case made him fly to California for his depositions (up until this point Heather’s attorneys kept flying to NY for this nonsense).  She says he’s in Cali right now (the day she taped the podcast) giving his deposition in the case. Heather says “He’s suing us for extortion – I guess because we’ve been asking him for the MONEY HE OWES US.” She continues, “he says we’re harassing him because we’ve sent 30, 40 emails. It started with ‘hey you owe us the money, you personally guaranteed it’ (she says he denies signing the guarantee now, of course).” She says he never responded to the emails and admits that they grew increasingly obnoxious, “can you imagine if someone scammed you out of a couple million bucks, you’d be pissed, too??” She says Terry wrote some pretty heated emails.  Heather says it’s NOT extortion or harassment – he owes them the money and yes, they did tell him they’re on TV and that they’d speak out about what has happened. She says all he did was bring his own name back into the public. Heather is still reeling over the nerve of this guy.

And in the end, he dropped the case the NEXT DAY. Obviously because he knew he had no case.

Jennifer Lindsey Bell is still on the run in Europe and if she comes back to the U.S. she’ll be arrested, but until then, she’s having a great time on the Dubrows’ dime.

Heather also addressed the Tweeters who accuse her of “greed” over trying to get the money back. (Uh, hello! If my $2 million was ripped off – I’d be doing everything I could to get it back and prevent it from happening to others, too).  Heather says it happens too often and she’s not letting it go on. She says if the people before them who got ripped off had gone to the police, etc, it would’ve helped them not be ripped off.

They’re still waiting to hear if they’ll recover any money from the “accountant’s” insurance company. There were so many other people in line ahead of them, they may not see any money there.


Photo Credit: Instagram