Shannon Beador Is Not Buying What Vicki Gunvalson Is Trying To Sell On WWHL

Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador took to Facebook chat to sound off on Vicki Gunvalson‘s one-on-one with Andy Cohen. Because, of course she did, while going on and on about how she’s done talking about Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers.

Shannon begins, “I’m so freaking done talking about the Vicki/Brooks cancer freaking lie nonsense, but I just watched the Watch What Happens Live special with Vicki and I am absolutely floored. The victim card… the ‘I was Duped‘ speaking engagement that Vicki Gunvalson is on is completely ridiculous to me. I just want to say a few things because I am really angry about what happened.”


“There were so many lies,” continues Shannon. “I think what all you guys don’t understand is that on September 9th – not late September/October which we hear from Brooks and Vicki – I received a text from Vicki, saying, ‘Brooks has been diagnosed. Can you help me?’ From that point, I was drawn into the lie, four months prior to filming. She told me on September 9th. I have the text to prove it. In fact, I’ve got all the texts. I’ve got a lot of texts and none of it makes sense. None of it adds up, but you don’t think about that when you are helping somebody fight cancer.”

Shannon calls out Vicki‘s ever-changing story about going to Brooks‘ chemo treatment.

Vicki on the reunion said that for four hours she sat at the City of Hope,” says Shannon. “She sat in the waiting room on her computer for four hours. On her Mario Lopez interview on Extra, she says that she picked him up. On Andy’s Watch What Happens Live interview, she says, ‘I called him and I picked him up and then we walked around for a half an hour.’ Those are conflicting stories. Vicki now realizes she can’t say she was there for four hours anymore because City of Hope has denied treating him. These lies are so blatant.”

Shannon adds, “I get so freaking irritated about it because I came on the show this season and talked about something that I didn’t want to talk about but it was my truth and my reality. And this woman fabricated something way prior to filming. I got my text September 9th. What’s interesting, with Andy, she talks about the Terry/IV story. She says, ‘I had this conversation with Briana prior to filming in late October after his first chemotherapy and I never knew it would come on film.’ News Flag: I called her to check in on her boyfriend and she told me the same story. This was all being orchestrated prior to filming.”

Shannon reminds us that she’s done talking about Vicki, but I mean, I cannot imagine why anyone would think differently. “I’m not going to sit back. You guys can all hate me. You can say I’m bitter. I’m not. I have my own life. I’m done talking about her, but when I subject myself to 30 minutes of lie, you’re going to hear from me,” she warns. “That’s just how it goes.”

“She says that someone named Tony Toth picked Brooks up from his second two chemotherapy [treatments] when she was gallivanting around Disney World, ARE YOU F–KING KIDDING ME?!” screams Shannon. “If anyone that I was in love with and called my soulmate had cancer, I would not be at Disney World with my daughter. I wouldn’t. But she says that this Tony guy picked Brooks up and took care of him at her home. Well you know what? She sent us all an email last week with a letter from Tony. Tony said he went to the house when Vicki was away, brought Brooks soup, and watched movies with him. No mention of going to the City of Hope. Because it’s all a lie.”

Shannon says she can’t forgive Vicki. She acknowledges she forgave David, Tamra Judge, and Heather Dubrow in the past, that’s because they “owned the hurt” they caused her. According to Shannon, Vicki has yet to apologize or show remorse. “It’s a joke when I hear hear tell Andy Cohen that she feels bad for what I personally went through with her,” she says. “It’s a freaking joke.”

On Watch What Happens Live, Vicki said she argued with Brooks non-stop in June and July, begging him to show the ladies his medical records. Addressing Vicki, Shannon says, “We stopped filming the first week of May. What are you talking about? None of us were talking to you at the time! It’s a joke. You didn’t want to show us anything. It all just makes your story sound that much better.”

Shannon reminds Vicki, despite her claim otherwise, she did lie about Brooks‘ cancer. She cites the IV story and says it was “calculated” and “premeditated.”

Vicki says, ‘Tamra messed up in the past so she needs to forgive me.’ This is not just a mess up,” laments Shannon. “This is not just a screw up. This is lying about cancer. Who in this county has not been affected by cancer? Either personally, a family member, or a friend, everybody’s been touched by cancer. This is not something you screw around with.”

In case you forgot, Shannon‘s over Vicki, “Go ahead and say that I need to move on. I have moved on. I haven’t thought about Vicki Gunvalson and I don’t want to freaking think about her for a long ass time. But, when I sit there and I watch a 30 minute episode, which is a bunch of bullshit, you are going to hear about it from me.”

“I have moved on,” insists Shannon, “but I’m not going to let her sit and play the freaking victim card. She’s not a victim. She’s cutthroat. She handed Tamra a document that was going to prove that Brooks was sick and there were no spaces between the words. Come on, you know Vicki after ten years. All of a sudden she’s meek and doesn’t say a word? Come on! I have moved on, so all of you naysayers that say that I haven’t, go right ahead. I couldn’t care less what you say. I have moved on. When I shut off on this I’m not going to freaking think about her again. I’m not. But, for now, I’m freaking livid, and I have every right to be.”

Shannon concludes, “Vicki knew what was going on. And she knew what was going on way before filming started and I have all the texts to prove it because I’m the one that was drawn in earlier than anybody else. I need to go back and print them all out. She showed up at Andy‘s with a bunch of printed texts, well I can do the same thing. Bring it, Season 11. Bring it.”

Who knew a person could say so many words – and some were even cut out – in 10 minutes?!? Never before have I appreciated Meghan King Edmonds as much as I do right now. She simply Tweeted:

Meghan tweets about Vicki on WWHL


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