Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan broke up
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Kenya Moore And Matt Jordan Break Up; Matt Kicked In A Door And Called Kenya A Bitch While On Vacation

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan break up

Matt Jordan and Kenya Moore have called it quits, and sadly, things did not end well for the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple.

Matt and Kenya went away for the holiday and everything seemed to be going well…until Kenya erased Matt from her Instagram and Matt set his Instagram to private. Before doing so, he posted a message about trust in a relationship, but he offered no additional information about the break up. TMZ has since filled in the blanks, of course, and it’s not good. Not. At. All. 🙁


According to TMZ, Matt and Kenya got into a huge fight in Mexico, which led to Kenya locking herself in their room. And that led to Matt kicking down (and breaking) the door to the room. Once inside, Matt went off and called Kenya a “bitch” and a “c-nt” over and over again.

Kenya and Matt flew home together as planned (albeit in newly separated seats) but went their separate ways in Atlanta. Matt reportedly came to Kenya’s house later to return her luggage and blew up again. And Kenya called it quits.

Matt took to Instagram to admit blame.

“Looking back, I blame myself totally,” shared Matt. “I learned very late in the relationship that a woman will not trust a man fully if she seems irresponsible or not up to standard in areas of a relationship. If she doesn’t feel like she can put trust in a man emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc…that will cause a woman to feel resentment and most of all untrusting in her man.”

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Matt continued, “Because of what he lacks, she does not feel like she will be properly protected or served. The woman will not feel like she can give her all to a man that is unstable or irresponsible in areas of the relationship. Causing her to go inward emotionally.”

On her Instagram, Kenya posted a pic of broken sunglasses, adding, “Love is never aggressive, hurtful, threatening, vindictive or accusatory, nor distrustful. Love is never a c–t or a bitch. Love is never demeaning or degrading. My love is real. My love is kind. My love is protective. My love elevates not destroys. My love is generous. My love is forgiving. My love is patient. My love is respectful. My love is worthy of the same.” Kenya has since deleted the post, reportedly at Matt‘s request.

Kenya took that picture down, then asked for privacy, “Matt and I are having some issues but there is no question we have love for each other. Respectfully, please allow me to go through my own process. We appreciate some privacy at this time.”

According to Tamara Tattles source, Kenya is “just fine” and “already hard at work on a new project in NYC.” Also, filming for Real Housewives of Atlanta begins next week, so that will occupy her time as well.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo