Kenya Moore on Dr. Oz

Yesterday Kenya Moore appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss beauty secrets, reconciling with her broken childhood, bullying, and baby plans! 

Dr. Oz asks Kenya about the differences between being Miss USA and her present identity as Krayonce, chief sh*t-stirrer on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. According to Kenya she’s a “three-dimensional person,” which must be a fancy way of saying ‘has multiple personalities’.

In pageants “you’re… a Barbie Doll, and you’re presenting your best self to the world,” Kenya explains. “You’re not really put in controversial situations, but on reality TV – that’s all you’re put in!” 


“It’s sort of, oxymoronic, to what I’m doing now,” Kenya explains, of beauty pageants vs. Bravo. “So you get to see me being multi-faceted.” 

Dr. Oz wonders about the way Kenya reacts to the controversial situations on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and cites her interactions with Kim Fields. Dr. Oz wonders if Kenya’s behavior is considered bullying, as Kim previously suggested

Kenya is adamant she only “reacts” to the other women targeting her. “I can stand up for myself and I don’t need to hurt anyone else.” 


Obviously Kenya denies being a bully. “The definition of being a bully, is when you harass, to try intimidate someone, or  intentionally hurt them. And I never do that.” Never? Erhm. [Insert Dr. Oz side-eye here] 

A large portion of Kenya’s interview was to delve into her painful childhood and her mother’s abandonment, which was also a major portion of Kenya’s story on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The story featured when she wasn’t antagonizing other Housewives and not at all being a bully… 

Kenya goes into detail about how “shocking” and hurtful her mother was – which continued into Kenya’s adulthood. Kenya says she has now moved on and recognizes that she is not responsible for her mother’s actions. Through positive thinking she has “let go of the hold” her mother had over her emotions. “I had to start with forgiveness. I had to not only forgive my mother…. I had to forgive myself.” 

“For me to forgive her, and forgive myself, I’m releasing myself from that bondage.” 

Part of that process was Kenya deciding to stop judging her mother’s actions. “I can’t take the position of [I’m] judging her, because I don’t know her entire story.” 

Kenya believes sharing her truth (which she’s also writing about in a memoir) this season may have inspired other women confronting abandonment issues. “You have to be the positive in your life,” coaches Iyanla Kenya (Kenyanla?). “From there you can create the world you want. If you speak it into existence the laws of the universe will work for you.” 

Oh, I think Kenya has certainly taken her own advice to heart…

Kenya also learned that forgiving and letting go finally allowed for finding the love she deserves. “If you want love in your life, you be the love in someone else’s life,” she encourages. Wait – is Kenya sure she’s internalized this message? Or is she just reading a lot of Brooks Ayers’ old affirmations she bought from Vicki Gunvalson‘s garage sale? 

Of course, Kenya has found love with Matt, and now she’s moving onto the next journey of her life – hopefully sharing that love with a child of her own! She’s “working on” her dream of motherhood as she speaks.”I’m obsessed with it!” 

“I have a puppy baby,” Kenya jokes, adding, “I am working on undergoing IVF again in the next few months, so I hope to be a mother in the next few months.”

Kenya also taught one of her favorite beauty secrets – using an eyebrow stencil to guarantee an instant facelift. She demonstrated on some Dr. Oz‘s guests. “I believe in the natural method until all else fails,” she laughed, explaining that if your eyebrows are harsh or droopy it gives you an “aged look”. What about if your eyebrows are permanently arched like a Disney villainess (ala Phaedra Parks). 

Will eyebrow stencils be a new extension of Moore Haircare


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