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Marie Reyes Thinks Tiffany Hendra Is The One Who Instigates Drama On RHOD

I’m not gonna lie, I have been taking offense with pretty much everything LeeAnne Locken does on Real Housewives of Dallas as if I am a part of their friend group. I have always felt like she is at the center of every single controversy. However, LeeAnne‘s frienemy Marie Reyes has a different view of events that have gone down during the show’s first season.

Marie thinks that Tiffany Hendra is the secret shit stirrer on this show and that she riles up LeeAnne and takes the credit for calming LeeAnne down so she can look like a good friend. It sounds a little bit crazy, but she does seem to make some valid points. Plus it would explain why Tiffany insists on being friends with LeeAnne – something I could never wrap my head around. Or maybe Marie is just jealous that these two are full-time cast members and she only gets air time when she stirs up shit with LeeAnne?


I’m not sure why, but Marie has a Bravo blog. She is not a cast member on the show, and like I’ve been saying, she only gets camera time when she’s talking shit about or to LeeAnne. Well anyway, she decided to share her point of view on this week’s episode. 

Marie wrote about her theory that it is really Tiffany who fans the flames when it comes to controversy. It always seemed to me that Tiffany was more of a neutral peacemaker, but Marie has a different point of view: “I am certain LeeAnne was probably still stewing about the poop story from the van and I am sure it didn’t help that Brandi, of all people, was the one who brought it up. What really seemed to get LeeAnne worked-up was that Tiffany, doing what she does best, came out and rubbed it in LeeAnne’s face saying Brandi and Stephanie were inside and still discussing the matter. Thanks again, Tiffany! Always there to uplift women, and help friends mend with kindness and forgiveness in your heart.” I always thought that Tiffany was just weirdly loyal to LeeAnne, but maybe Marie is right and she is actually a shit stirrer when she tells LeeAnne about the other women hating on her.

Then Marie explained that LeeAnne was not actually super mad about the poop story on her own, but that Tiffany was the one who got LeeAnne to be so angry: “Actually, I thought LeeAnne handled things quite well in the van and I thought the poop story was pretty much over – but when Tiffany brought it up, LeeAnne was pissed and raised her voice at me.”

And apparently Marie also thinks that Tiffany gets pleasure from watching her suffer at the hands of LeeAnne: “I wasn’t talking about it, but Tiffany seemed to be and was happy to pour gasoline on the fire.” But at least you got camera time, Marie. I don’t think you would have otherwise- Brandi giving your giving your daughter dance tips was never going to develop into a story line.

Then Marie really played up LeeAnne’s meltdown (for more attention, obviously): “I was totally caught off-guard by LeeAnne’s meltdown, but this was no couch “Textgate”. I should have just ran out of the house and called 911 for help – but I didn’t, because how does one do that to a friend? Instead, I stayed there trying to convince my friend that ‘I didn’t do’ what Tiffany accused me of doing. At the time, I couldn’t for the life of me understand what was going on with LeeAnne and her indiscriminate rage.” Did she actually think that LeeAnne was dangerous during her bitch fit? If she did, then she would have left the house or alerted production if she felt unsafe. Clearly, she just liked feeling relevant to the show. She really is the Dallas Kim D.

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Marie continued to share the same “insight” about Tiffany being an instigator – just with a slightly different wording: “It occurred to me later that, once again, Tiffany had pushed LeeAnne‘s buttons. Wow! What a great, Christian friend. Isn’t it ironic how all of the times LeeAnne showed her ass last year, lead back to Tiffany and her ‘ride or die friendship.’ I hope LeeAnne uses her brain and thinks-through how she was being manipulated.” LeeAnne makes herself look bad on her own, I don’t think that Tiffany has to manipulate anything to make that happen, but who knows what’s really going on.

I always felt like LeeAnne manipulated Tiffany into  being her sidekick, but Marie thinks that it is the other way around: “LeeAnne is no dummy, and it’s clear Tiffany has put all her energy into protecting her LeeAnne ‘property,’ helping her talented husband book gigs, and ‘praying’ with a not-so-nice hidden agenda.” To be honest it just seems like Marie is super bitter to me. The only time she ever gets attention is when she is some sort of LeeAnne-related controversy…. or when people like me take the time to dissect her blog entries.

Marie also explained that she is not the only one who thought Tiffany manipulated LeeAnne: “Brandi and Stephanie addressed ‘the elephant in the room.’ I guess Stephanie and Brandi were getting wise to what had been going on for a long time; Tiffany egging LeeAnne into conflicts and sometimes fitful screaming rage-a-thons, and then being the voice in LeeAnne’s head while helping her ‘clean up’ the messes she helped instigate.” I honestly don’t think that Tiffany has it in her to create this sort of master plan. Plus, I don’t really see why it would be worth it to hang out with LeeAnne that much if she was really just using her for this game instead of actually liking something about her.

Marie feigned compassion for LeeAnne when she “took responsibility” for LeeAnne’s batshit crazy antics: “It pains me to admit that Tiffany and I enabled LeeAnne’s bad behavior, by making excuses for her or because we didn’t want to lose our friend. I was slow to the reckoning, but I get it now. Tiffany pushes LeeAnne’s buttons and then is the shoulder to cry on and the ‘hero’ who takes-up for LeeAnne, all the while being super manipulative with a hidden agenda.” If Marie was such a good friend then she would have “warned” LeeAnne about the bad behavior that she thought Tiffany was exhibiting in private instead of talking shit about LeeAnne just to get on a show that wouldn’t cast her as full-time cast member.

From what I’ve seen of LeeAnne during the first season of Real Housewives of Dallas, I do not like her at all (even though I really don’t know her), but Marie seems way worse to me. She seems so desperate to be a part of this reality TV fame that she is willing to throw anyone under the bus. 


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