Peter Thomas Denies Shading Cynthia Bailey On Instagram; Will Be Back On RHOA For Season 9

Well, we all figured following the official confirmation that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas had separated they’d both be back for an on-camera divorce in season 9 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Cynthia and Peachter, Peachter Happy Eater have been separated for months – possibly their divorce is already in motion. Peter has been living in Charlotte, NC and focusing on Sports One (and opening another bar), while Cynthia remains in Atlanta traveling and promoting her various businesses. After largely staying silent about his marital issues, yesterday Peter posted a cryptic rant on instagram which seemed directed at Cynthia! 


Citing Bible verse James 1:6-8 (Peter reads the Bible?), and with the caption “I don’t have to say nothin else, LOL” Peter’s now-deleted diatribe read, “NEVER TRUST a person who constantly WAVERS, like hot and cold temperature on a broken thermometer. They will CHANGE on you INSTANTLY just like the Weather. NEVER TRUST them in any matter, because you can *Never Predict* their Behavior from one second to another.”

Peter continued, “They are like a River with Sweet and Bitter water, SWEET at first then BITTER right after. In the blink of an eye they could turn your Joy into Sorrow; because they will ‘Love’ you today…….. then instantly HATE you tomorrow! James 1:6-8.” 

Yeah – is Peter describing himself? Cause other than the flippity-floppity stuff it doesn’t sound much like Cynthia! Maybe he was spending some much-needed time with the man in the mirror? After all he was the one embroiled in the cheating video drama, was angling for a ‘man cave’ in a separate apartment instead of standing by Cynthia while she battled Fibroids, not to mention blowing through ALLL that money on bad business deals and shady financial issues.

Peter denied his rant was aimed at Cynthia. Today he posted a video denying he would ever put his private business out in public (what exactly is RHOA then?). Also, if you though just because Cynthia is rid of him, Real Housewives Of Atlanta will be too – think again! Peter confirms he’s filming season 9. #PeachtersRevenge. 

Peter began by captioning the video, “Come on haters, I am waiting for you, season 9, let’s go.” Then proceeded to lecture everyone for creating drama. 

Speaking from outside his newest bar, Club One, Peachter the wordsmith, insisted that yesterday’s quote was “positive” and accused people of trying to make it about his marriage. “That’s not how we do our business.”

“You’ve watched us for six years. We’ve never done our business like that,” Peter continued. “We’re grown people who have love and respect for each other. You’ll never see that type of negative shit play out about our life on social media. It’ll never happen. So dead that.” Wait – do grown people regularly get in bar fights? 

“If I have anything to say to my wife, it’s private. And y’all don’t have nothing to do with it!” Peter also said he didn’t want to make Cynthia mad so he refrained from flipping everyone off in his video. 

You can watch it below!


Come on haters, I am waiting for you, season 9, let’s go.

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Why do I still feel like these two got married for a storyline, and now they’re splitting for a storyline? Am I the only cynic out there?


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