Kim Richards Has More Kingsley Drama – Sued Again By Family Friend He Attacked!

kim richards snuggles dog kingsley

Let’s hope Kim Richards was actually telling the truth about rehoming Kingsley because he has caused nothing but problems for the already troubled Kim. Kim is, once again, being taken to court by Kay Rozario, the former family friend who sued after being attacked by Kingsley in 2014.

As a result of Kingsley’s out of control behavior, and Kim’s mismanagement of her aggressive dog, Kim was sued twice – once by a former trainer, and a second time by Kay, who alleged Kingsley attacked her while they were filming Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills at Kim’s house. Kingsley also bit Kyle Richards‘ daughter Alexia


Kay sued both Kim and Evolution Media, the producers of RHOBH, alleging that production was complicit in covering up Kingsley’s rampage. In her deposition Kay attested that Kim refused to call 911 because she was afraid of being fired from RHOBH

Evolution managed to have Kay’s suit against them dismissed under grounds that it was not their responsibility to control Kim’s dog and they could not be held liable for Kinglsey’s actions – even though they were aware of his aggressive behaviors. Production reportedly demanded a cage be built to house Kingsley during filming, and they hired a trainer to work with him. 

Kay was seeking a $1.25 million judgement against Kim, but was only awarded $8,083.52 in damages to cover medical bills because the judge found she did not make a culpable case for emotional distress or pain and suffering. 

The Daily Mail reports that now Kay is coming after Kim again! She appealed the paltry award, complaining the judge “abused” his or her discretion. 

Naturally, Kim, who is already dealing with various other legal issues, contested Kay’s appeal (and didn’t take any ownership for Kingsley’s behavior – after all her ‘son’ is his own person!). Kim insists that Kingsley’s attack was unintentional, and therefore not her fault. Kim doesn’t believe that being “merely negligent” in restraining Kingsley entitles Kay to any additional monies. Hmmmm… uhhhh… was Kim not the owner of Kingsley? Or did Kingsley own Kim?! 

In her appeal, Kay, who is 80, complains that she has suffered long-term physical damage including daily pain in her hand and back as a result of Kingsley attacking her so she is requesting her punitive damages be increased. 


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