Joanna Krupa

Brandi Glanville Says Joanna Krupa Is Refusing To Submit Documentation In Lawsuit

The never-ending vagina monologue that is the Brandi Glanville vs. Joanna Krupa lawsuit rages on! 

The ex-Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star is demanding financials and tax returns from Joanna in order to have the case dismissed. Brandi is seeking to prove Joanna was a Florida resident when she filed the suit in California (Joanna has residences in both states), and to investigate Joanna’s claims that Brandi’s comments ruined her reputation and costed her jobs. 


Does Brandi’s legal team recognize correlation vs. causation? Probably not given that she may have hired them from twitter!

Aside from the comments about fishy vaginas, Joanna is suing Brandi for accusing her of having an affair with Mohamed Hadid thus breaking up Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid‘s marriage

As the case lingers in the discovery phase, Joanna is seeking depositions from Yolanda, Mohamed, and Lisa Vanderpump (whom Brandi already accused of lying about the situation). Brandi’s attorneys want tax returns from the year before Brandi’s comments were made, and the two years following, to examine if Joanna can back her claims of diminished income and lost opportunity. Also, if Joanna was a California resident, then she exceeded the statute of limitations from when Brandi made the comments to when the suit was filed. I foresee one hitch in this plan – Brandi made SEVERAL comments about Joanna’s crotch and supposed affair – it was not an isolated incident

On June 20th, Brandi’s lawyers complained to the judge that Joanna “objected” to turning over requested documentation, including her Real Housewives Of Miami contract, medical records, and any communications Joanna may have had with Andy Cohen, LVP, and Mohamed during a given period of time, and that Joanna refused to submit her tax returns. Brandi is also seeking to demonstrate that Joanna has been just as nasty and bitchy as she is, and therefore her comments towards Joanna weren’t underserved. 

According to The Daily Mail, Joanna counters that Brandi’s document requests “have nothing to do with the issues at hand,” and is just another of Brandi’s attempts to harass her. The judge has yet to make a decision.


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