Brandi Glanville Blames Lisa Vanderpump For Joanna Krupa Lawsuit; Talks New Book, Trump, And Dating Ben Stiller

Brandi Glanville continues her rampage of no accountability, no manners, and no classy behavior but she added in a dash of insightful political commentary! Appearing as a guest on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, Brandi dove into all the scintillating dramas of her life from Housewives, to lawsuits, to her new book, another former fling, and her opinions on Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign. 

Firstly, Brandi confirms her ‘smelly vagina’ lawsuit with Joanna Krupa is still ongoing. Brandi now blames Lisa Vanderpump for purportedly lying during her deposition, which is causing the suit to drag on.

“There’s part of me that loves her. Unfortunately some things went down and they can’t be corrected,” complains Brandi. “We’re actually in a lawsuit for a year now – I’ve actually spent over $100,000 dollars about something she said, that she’s lying about.” 


Joanna is suing Brandi for slander over the vagina comments, and for accusing her of having an affair with Mohamed Hadid. Brandi maintains that Lisa told her about Joanna allegedly smelling like fish. Lisa denies this and testified on Joanna’s behalf. 

When pressed for status updates, or if she and Lisa also have a separate legal situation, Brandi was vague. “I’m really not supposed to talk about it. We’re… involved. And it frustrates me because that’s money that’s going away from my children, and if she just told the truth it wouldn’t be happening.” 

Maybe if Brandi would STOP TALKING ABOUT IT and instigating, Joanna would be more lenient?! In the meantime Brandi can continue spending her paychecks on legal fees to blame Lisa

Shockingly, Brandi doesn’t blame Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills for her friendship with Lisa failing. “I think it changes all of us a little bit. You turn into a hyper version of yourself.”

Switching directions, Brandi is currently wrapping up her third book, which is a wine drinkers manifesto meets an anti-manners handbook. “It’ll be done by September. It’s definitely all over the place, but thank God for editors!” 

“We started with ‘Chardonnay with Everything,’ cause as you know I like my wine! The other part of it is ‘Who the F–k is Emily Post,’ cause my girlfriend Leslie – who I write with – she’s like, ‘You should do, like, an opposite manners book – like an opposite of Emily Post,‘” laughs Brandi, “and I’m like ‘Who the f–k is Emily Post?!’ That’s the beginning of the book!”

Brandi also shares that she once dated Ben Stiller – way back in the 90’s, pre-Eddie, even. Thankfully she kept the details sparse – save to say Ben gave her something with some sticking power!

“It wasn’t anything serious. I think there were a few dates. He sent me an apple plant that got gnats I remember and they were all in my house for a long time,” Brandi recalls. “We just, it just, kind of… fizzled off.” 

Finally, Brandi explains that she won’t vote for Trump because she doesn’t feel he separates Celebrity Apprentice-edited- for-maximum-drama-reality from real-reality! (I actually think her comments are insightful here – don’t kill me!). 

“He is on a reality show in his head right now,” opines Brandi. “I think that every time he speaks, and every time he’s in front of an audience he’s acting like he is in the boardroom! I think he woke up one day and was just like you know what, I think I’m going to be president.”


[Photo Credit: Instagram]