Heather Dubrow Shares Her Thoughts About That Crazy Fight At The 70’s Party

In all honesty, the first few episodes of this Real Housewives of Orange County season have been a little bit lame, but the latest one did not disappoint – at all. The shit really hit the fan at Shannon Beador’s 70’s themed party.

The weird fight that went down between Shannon, Kelly Dodd, and Vicki Gunvalson was unbelievable, and I can’t even imagine what it would be like as a guest of that party. Heather Dubrow shared her thoughts on the madness that went down.


Heather really had me intrigued when she wrote, “I told you, this is the episode that sets off the rest of this season…” in her Bravo blog. I cannot wait for the drama – especially after the snooze fest that this season has been so far. I’m so ready for things to turn up.

First off, who were Shannon’s camera-thirsty party guests Jaci and Nina? No matter how accurate their gossip was, they were just way out of line and way too desperate for attention. Heather wrote, “Some of Shannon’s guests were completely inappropriate. Jaci and Nina seem like they were gunning for Kelly from moment one. I was mortified by Jaci’s comment to Kelly about being at Montage with a different man. It was classless and I thought Kelly handled it well.” I actually have to agree with Heather about this one. Kelly really did handle this part of the episode with composure, which I could not say about the end of the confrontation.

Heather also shared, “These girls were talking about Kelly for no reason, except to gossip. Having said that, Kelly’s reaction was out of control.” Umm, yeah. That is putting it mildly. Kelly just seems way too desperate to be a reality star so she pops off to get attention. At this point, it is tough to find anything at all endearing about Kelly – at least in my opinion.

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Then I was so confused when people took Kelly referring to Shannon as “Mrs. Roper” as an insult. It was a 70’s party, so it’s not like it was off base for her to be dressed like a 70’s TV character. But anyway, I do think that Kelly took her bitch fit way too far and Heather seems to agree with me since she wrote, “Calling Shannon average, ugly, and Mrs. Roper was uncalled for, and it was especially disturbing that her husband Michael [Dodd] chimed in. I realize they were very drunk, but there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior, especially the comment about the affair. Below the belt.”

Kelly was way out of control and once again, I feel like she just wanted the spotlight on her. Yes, she brought some great TV and it was the best episode of the season – by far – but it was just beyond desperate of her. Do less.

Obviously this episode isn’t going to make anyone convert to #TeamVicki or #TeamKelly any time soon. That whole shit storm was absurd.


Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo