Jeff Lewis Stands By Claims That Heather Dubrow Is Rude; Calls Her “Fake And Pretentious.”

Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis and Heather Dubrow both have enormous egos and always have to be right, so, naturally they don’t like each other. Now that the two started arguing over who more rude and obnoxious (a toss-up?!), they just can’t quit! Interestingly, they share mutual friends in Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. Oh dear – that makes for awkward future get togethers (roll the cameras!). 

The Flipping Out star has a rebuttal to Heather’s claim that he made disgusting comments about her appearance during a party at Shannon’s. Jeff also argues that Heather can’t take a joke and is so out of touch with reality she doesn’t realize how rude she is. Ouch – that’s a slap to Fancy Pant’s derriere. 

“I get along with all the Housewives – they call me ‘The Housewives Whisperer,'” Jeff declared. “There’s an issue with her. I think she’s phony, and fake, and pretentious.” 


Jeff blames Andy Cohen for igniting his feud with the Real Housewives Of Orange County star by intentionally asking Jeff to name his least favorite Housewife. “Andy Cohen knew that I didn’t love her… and I was just answering the question. I mean, I don’t hate her; I don’t think about her…” Jeff explained. 

“I’ve been racking my brain, like, what could make her so angry?” Jeff wonders. “I did say: ‘You would be more fun if you drank more.’ But that applies to most people…” (Jeff’s friendship with Shannon explained in one sentence!)

Jeff emphatically denies that he shamed Heather’s appearance, but he does admit to being snarky and impertinent. 

“First of all, I think she’s a size 0, so body-shaming did not happen,” Jeff scoffed to Access Hollywood. (For those of you who are going to get riled up and say skinny-shaming is very real (see: Wainstein, Jules; Real Housewives Of New York), I don’t think that is the case here.)

“She also said that I objectified her,” remarks Jeff, mystified. “I actually complimented her! Aside from her hateful personality that makes her ugly, I think she’s an attractive woman. Her husband was sitting right across from me at this dinner party, and if I had said something I assume her husband would have stepped in?” 

Jeff claims that Heather mistook a genuine question, as offensive. “What I said was, “God – you look great. Have you had any plastic surgery?’ Because she’s married to a plastic surgeon – am I the first person who’s ever asked this?!” Jeff ranted. “She got very defensive – which tells me that, hmmmm, maybe you have… [had plastic surgery].” 

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On the other hand, Jeff, who worked his way through college as a waiter, explains what exactly Heather did that was so rude. 

“The real issue for me – and this might just be a bias – is that she was rude to the waitstaff. I don’t think she’s even conscious of it,” Jeff allows. “I think she’s so out of touch – and she’s not self-aware – and I don’t think she realized it. I’m sorry – that doesn’t fly with me.” 

“What happened was that she was talking to Jim Edmonds and she was very deep in the conversation, and the waiter came by and he put down a basket of bread,” Jeff relays. “She never lost eye-contact with Jim. She picked it up and went like this immediately (Jeff gestures to Heather rudely handing it back to the waiter.” When the waiter asked if something was wrong Heather reportedly dismissed him, wordlessly, with a few flippant waves of her hand, without acknowledging him. Jeff maintains that the waiter was extremely polite the entire time. 

“I should have called her out right then and there, but I was trying to be polite,” complains Jeff, rolling his eyes. 

As for a future friendship with Heather, or at least a tepid peace, Jeff was dismissive, “We don’t have to get along.” 

Does Heather, perhaps, need a Costa Mexico-style intervention about her phony fakeness? I’m sure Andy could round-up some volunteers… Also, a slight correction: Jeff gets along with alllll the Housewives? Oh – does he just mean current ones? 

Jeff Lewis & Tamra JudgeAlso, mere moments after feuding with Heather, Jeff got together with Tamra over at Bravo HQ, the fakeness factory. [Credit]

I love Jeff – even if he is snarky, and crass, and rude. He’s just sort of delightful underneath it all and seems insanely fun to hang out with. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]