Siggy Flicker Wants To Unify The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Cast

I am beyond elated that Real Housewives of New Jersey is (finally) back because I am dying to see how things are going between the OG cast members that I have become invested in. With that said, I’m wondering how the new girls are going to fit in.

When Siggy Flicker first appeared with her head all wrapped up in bandages after getting a face lift, I was cracking up and instantly loved her. Since then, I don’t have too much of an opinion because I can’t tell if I’m seeing the real Siggy or not. I’m so over referring to herself in third person as “the Sig” and I can’t tell if she’s trying too hard or if that’s just how she is. What kind of role will she have on the show?


I get that Siggy is a relationship expert and all that, but it’s hard for me to tell if she is a genuine part of this squad or if she wants to use her relationship-mending skills to fix the cast as the ultimate form of self promotion. I am hoping that her intentions are genuine and that I will get over her referring to herself in the third person, but only time will tell.

So what does Siggy think she’s going to contribute to Real Housewives of New Jersey? She shared her thoughts in her Bravo blog. Siggy wrote, “I hope that I can bring my passion for unifying people and my love of life and laughter to this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey; this was my main goal in joining the Housewives.” I am just hoping that was her main goal out of the goodness of her heart, not as a relationship expert looking to plug her book or some other products.

Siggy also wrote, “As a viewer, I felt that the show had become so negative and dark – ‘The Sig‘ isn’t here to bring drama or to compete with anyone. I’m here to bring some more fun to the show and bring everyone together again, baby!”

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I hope that Siggy doesn’t step out of line when it comes to getting involved with people who have decades of history between them, but I trust Siggy and I do like her so far, she’s just gotta chill with the referring to herself in the third person (I have no idea how many times I can emphasize how off-putting this is). She really does seem like a genuine and caring person, so I’m hoping I will get used to her being on this show. 

So far Siggy has definitely been food for some laughs and I’m sure she will bring more, which is apparently the case since Siggy wrote, “I hope I can give you all some good laughs along the way.” 

No matter how genuine Siggy is, uniting this cast is going to be an extremely tough task. Good luck with that one.


Photo Credit: Bravo