Tamra Judge Calls Out Vicki Gunvalson For Lying And Influencing Kelly Dodd

I love how Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson always tries to to spin every single story in her favor. She just loves playing that victim card whenever possible.

So I’m not at all surprised that she tried to skew that whole fall out with David Beador at the 70’s party in a way that makes it seem like she was innocently attacked. Sure, Tamra Judge believed her when Vicki shared her side of the story during the next episode, but there’s no way that she could get away with that considering that the cameras were rolling.


Obviously, Tamra wasn’t going to let Vicki get away with pushing her version of events and she sounded off against her frienemy in her Bravo blog.

Just like the rest of us, Tamra still can’t get over that ’70s party, “Recapping the night after the ’70s party…it was all so crazy. When Vicki started talking about David I asked her if she provoked him in any way. David is not the kind of guy to make a scene. She said, ‘No, I was talking to his friend and he didn’t like that.’ Now watching, she clearly was not telling the truth.” Well, duh. Changing a story around is standard Vicki behavior.

Tamra emphasized that she is on Team Beador when she wrote, “Watching it a second time, I see Vicki got in David’s face and continued to push him. Not saying David was justified, just saying Vicki is not so innocent.”

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It seemed like Tamra was being nice by saying she liked Kelly Dodd’s mom, but then it just turned into another dig at Vicki when she wrote, “I fell in love with Kelly’s mom Bobbi when I watched her give Kelly advice. I, too, think Shannon [Beador] and Kelly started off on the wrong foot and Vicki got to Kelly by filling her head full of gossip about Shannon.”

Well yeah, obviously Kelly took on all of Vicki‘s opinions, but I don’t know if that’s a master manipulation from Vicki. I think Kelly purposely aligned herself with Vicki for camera time and attention.

It’s always so difficult to know where Tamra and Vicki stand. I feel like it changes from minute to minute so I don’t even know what to make of this blog entry. Was Tamra just trying to set the record straight? Or is she enemies with Vicki again?


Photo Credit: Bravo