Heather Dubrow Dishes On Kelly Dodd And Shannon Beador’s Drama

On today’s recap of the Heather Dubrow’s World podcast, Heather Dubrow dished on all the insanity that is emanating from Kelly Dodd.

The show begins with a lot of banter between Heather and her assistant Natalie. While I think they’re cute together, I’m getting to the meat and potatoes (two things Heather probably doesn’t eat!) to focus on their discussion of Real Housewives of Orange County because the podcast is almost 90 minutes.

Heather warns there are no “bridge episodes” this season and it’s a nonstop whirlwind. “Something happens every week of this entire season – it was nuts.” 


Before dismantling Kelly of The Dudds, Heather dished on Meghan King Edmond‘s quest for “baby, baby, baby!” And Heather loves loopy Meghan.

“I couldn’t believe – and I think it was the drugs – that she brought up Dr. Potter‘s ex-wife,” Heather laughs. “I’m just shocked that someone like him could marry someone like her,” comments Natalie. “I knowwwwww,” Heather chimes in. “I’ve known [Nina]… she doesn’t have a lot of filters,” sighs Heather. 

“I liked seeing Tamra go visit Vicki at work. I thought that was nice,” Heather adds. “Briana’s new house – it’s so cute! I loved how she was, ‘Thanks for buying me a house mom, like you bought me a car.’ [laughs] What I thought was funny, and what Briana was saying, is that Vicki picks it out!”

Heather then contrasts “watching Kelly and Michael back and forth with David and Shannon.” 

David and Shannon immediately said they felt terrible about what happened [at the 70’s party]. Whether you think they’re right or wrong, they felt bad,” opines Heather. “Kelly and Michael didn’t seem to feel bad about it.” I call a bit BS here because hello – editing. We have no idea what Kelly and Michael truly said, although Kelly, a rock human full of hard crevices, doesn’t seem to actually feel anything at all and certainly not remorse. 

“Even if you felt like you were set up, wouldn’t you kind of have remorse over your behavior?! Like, I may have been right but I shouldn’t have said those things…” Heather wonders. Natalie feels Kelly was still “kind of riled up” after the whole dramatic incident and that explained her defensiveness. 

“I thought her mom was awesome,” Heather continues. “Great advice! Very, very well spoken. And I liked the fact that Kelly listened to her! I know I probably would’ve been like, ‘Oh please mom – you don’t know!'” Heather laughs. “But [Kelly] was very open to listening to it. I also thought it was interesting when Kelly said that she had an anger problem.”

Heather hollowly praises Kelly for admitting her anger issue, and quips, “So! We’ll see how that all pans out.” 

Moving on to Meghan and Heather‘s trip, “Washington DC. We had, first of all, an incredible trip. It was a lot more than what you saw. We had so much fun!”

Heather insists Meghan’s speech was far better than it appeared on TV. “It’s a bummer (pun intended?) you didn’t get to see Meghan’s whole speech, because, you know, it was amazing.” 

“I actually spoke at that conference too,” Heather says. “I spoke before Meghan, and I was so happy to be there and be a part of it. And then Meghan went and spoke to congress people, lobbied for the bill – very impressive. And that night we went to this big party that Fight CRC threw and they gave Meghan an award.” At the party in a moment of recognition for suffers or the deceased, Heather started bawling about her grandmother. (It’s a moving story if you listen to the podcast, Heather also shares more info about the bill Meghan lobbied for). 

“I’m so thankful to Meghan for taking me with her,” gushes Heather. “I was really happy to be there.” 

Apparently, Meghan is making a sacrifice for suffers everywhere by allowing ravishing beauty to be associated with colons. “Its a big deal to put that gorgeous face attached to a cancer that people are embarrassed to talk about,” says Heather who is NOT AT ALL shallow! 

Heather also praises her DC hotel. They provided her with a customized welcome basket featuring everything she loves – cookies, champs, Twizzlers, black licorice (YUCK!). “When we got back from Capital Hill, we were talking to Tamra on the phone. Did you notice the Twizzlers?” Heather made a Twizzler-straw to slurp her champs. “It was good!” she exclaims. “I enjoyed it.” 

“I thought it was interesting what Meghan’s mom overheard at the 70’s party… what Shannon said to the girls, ‘Can you come in the other room…’ or whatever. I thought that was crazy,” muses Heather. “But, you know what, Shannon’s just not that kind of person …” 

“I guess you’ll never really know,” supposes Natalie “No….” agrees Heather reluctantly. Natalie seems to be leaning towards Shannon setting Kelly up. 

“I thought it was big of Kelly to call Shannon, but I thought it was one of those moments… when I was watching them both talk on the phone, they are both expecting an apology,” notes Heather. “Of course Shannon feels, and I would probably feel the same way, ‘Oh Kelly’s calling me because she wants to apologize… ‘ and Kelly’s thinking, ‘Oh I’m gonna be the bigger person so Shannon can come apologize… The two of them together… My gosh! That was explosive!” 

“The question is: where do you go from there? They clearly do not trust each other,” says Heather. “So now, there’s the notion of having this party to celebrate Meghan. And then of course Tamra’s training for this bikini competition. So what a fun thing for us to go out…” Or not!

Heather touches on the other issue at the party – Vicki and David. “I thought Shannon had got to a good place with Vicki. She had invited her to the 70s party. She was co-existing, they were in the same group – I thought that was enough for now. But I don’t think David helped her out at all. I sort of understand why she was happy he was defending her.”

“Next week let’s see who shows up and what happens,” hints Heather. “I’m telling you there is not one episode of this season who does not make you [Heather makes a cringing noise]. It gets CUH-RAZIER.” 

Random Tidbits: Heather also rehashes how her live show went (swag bag sale – bad; Improv running out of champagne – very bad! “I couldn’t believe it,” gasps Heather “I am not letting that happen again!”; but on the positive, “SO fun!”). 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]