Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Have A Reality Show In The Works

Most of the time when people who are already well known as celebrities try to star in a reality series or talk show, it does not work out. I’m not really sure why since these are people who already have a following, but it might be because the public is just used to seeing celebs doing what originally made them famous. Nevertheless, I’m pretty optimistic about Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg coming together for their own reality show.


My (hopeful) new favorite show is called Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party and will air on VH1. Even if this gets cancelled mid-season, I will definitely be tuning in to every episode.

The premise sounds similar to Khloe Kardashian’s cancelled show Kocktails with Khloe: each episode is a “half-baked evening of cocktails, cooking, conversation, and fun where nothing is off limits.” Yeah, this pretty much exactly like Khloe’s show except that these two will have food in addition to the drinks and there are two hosts.

I’m still in for it though and I’m interested to see what a dinner party with Martha and Snoop Dogg is like. The best part is that Snoop and Martha have a different perspective on how to explain the show.

Martha has said, “At our dinner party, we will exemplify America’s fascination with food, entertaining and celebrity. Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party will redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new, different and very funny way.” I don’t really get where the term “competition” comes in because that was not at all indicated in any description for the show that I’ve seen, but I’m just rolling with it (pun intended).

Snoop explained the show in the Snoop way possible: “My homegirl, Martha and I have a special bond that goes back. We’re gonna be cooking, drinking, and having a good time with our exclusive friends. Can’t wait for you to see how we roll together!”

At the very least, I feel like this show will bring us some good memes and gifs, so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it is more about gossiping than cooking though – but that’s just my preference.


Photo Credit: YouTube