Sonja Morgan and Teresa Giudice were Andy Cohen’s guests tonight on WWHL and both Housewives dished on their co-stars and more.  Sonja (looking more fabulous than ever!) revealed that she and Bethenny Frankel are all good now and explained her views on everything from Tom to Ramona and more.  Teresa shared why she refers to her prison stint as “camp” and why it’s okay for Andy to ask questions that other interviewers can’t.  She also answers questions about saving her home from foreclosure.

Sonja shared, “I’m still mad at Tom. He was my friend, I’m entitled to be able to be mad at him. We’ve known each other for 10 years, we’re good friends. He’s not fessing up to the full truth.”

Viewers ask why Teresa continues to refer to prison as camp, almost implying that she really wasn’t at a prison. “That’s where I was. It was called Danbury Prison Camp. So, I don’t like the word prison, cuz really where I was, I wasn’t in a cell. There was no bars. I wasn’t caged in. It really looked like a camp.” She adds about being accused of not owning that she was in prison – “Look, I was away from my kids for eleven and a half months so nobody should even ask me that.”

A caller asks Sonja why it was okay for Ramona to date Tom but not Luann. “Ramona didn’t know that I was seeing Tom. As I was saying, we were adults doing what adults do when we’re in between boyfriends, girlfriends, marriages. She had no idea.”  Sonja shares that Ramona confided in her about dating Tom and was excited about him (and not knowing anything about he and Sonja) and so Sonja told Tom they couldn’t see each other anymore. “I was just a lover.”

A viewer asks Teresa how she got to keep her house after owing so much financially? “Thank God I’m working, Joe was working.” Andy asks if she paid it all back and she says yes.

Why was Ramona trying to instigate and get Sonja more worked up about Tom than she actually was?  “She’s always stirring the pot. She was brought up that way – that’s she’s uncomfortable when she’s comfortable. She likes everyone to be uncomfortable.” Sonja was annoyed that Ramona kept clarifying that she didn’t have sex with Tom, but Sonja did.

Why is Teresa so mad at Kathy and Rosie, especially after Rosie was there for Joe when she was away? “Well, you only saw what they showed on the cameras. So, let’s just leave it at that.” Andy prods her, but she says “They’re my family, so I don’t want to talk about them.”

Has Bethenny confronted Sonja about the Tipsy Girl restaurant? “No, that was my big mistake. I should’ve let her know. I thought she was coming to my birthday party because she had not RSVP’ed ‘no’.  That’s what blew up in my face and I felt really bad.”  She say the restaurant is set to open any day now.  “I think Bethenny realized it was more of an emotional response between two friends and she felt blindsided and I hadn’t seen her all summer.” She adds, “We’re cool now. She’s very supportive of me.”

Teresa says Joe is doing as well as he can in prison and she sees him every week. He’s lost some weight already, too.

Teresa also touches on the situation with Jacqueline, saying that it’s different when Siggy asks her questions because she’s new, but her old friends (like Jac) shouldn’t be asking those questions.

A caller asks about Sonja’s dating life since her vagina procedure. “Well, I got the thing resurfaced and now it’s not getting too much action since I stopped seeing younger guys. When you date guys your age the three date rule goes out the window. You don’t really move so fast with guys your age. I have a reputation to maintain.”

At one point Sonja does explain that she is really very happy for Luann and wants her to be happy with Tom.

On walking out of the interview with Access Hollywood, Teresa says she felt the interviewer was digging and rude. “There’s ways to ask questions and I just didn’t like the way she was poking.” Andy says “but I’ve asked you that question.” Teresa replied with “But I love YOU.”

When asked if she’s still in touch with Kim D or Kim G, Teresa rolls her eyes and says “don’t even mention that second one to me. She’s a nasty woman. The things she put out on Twitter – who wants to deal with somebody like that? But Kim D, I haven’t really seen her.”




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