Meghan Edmonds

In my humble opinion, Meghan Edmonds is way too nice and normal for the insane antics on Real Housewives of Orange County. And I don’t get why she would want to be on this show, especially since these women are all about hogging the spotlight.

The one time when the show should have been about Meghan, it was about everyone else. As per usual, Kelly Dodd went on a rampage against her fellow cast members and everyone forgot they were at a party to celebrate Meghan’s impending pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine that Meghan was at all happy with the shit show that went down and she revealed that I was right.


I was pretty much expecting for Meghan to share her disappointment over that mess of a dinner party in her blog this week. I love how Meghan’s biggest concern was over Vicki Gunvalson being at her party, yet Kelly, who Meghan brought into this group, was the one who ruined the whole event.

Meghan echoed my sentiment, “I was concerned about Vicki being invited, but I guess I should’ve been more worried about Kelly and Shannon [Beador] being in the same room again. I had no idea it would have turned out the way it did though!” 

Really? No idea?? We all knew that bringing Shannon and Kelly together was going to be dramatic, so I have no idea why Meghan was at all surprised.

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I am so over these RHOC women acting all shocked whenever Kelly goes off. This. Is. What. She. Does. Kelly pulls this shit at every single event. She is doing whatever she can to get attention – and make sure she gets asked back for another season of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Since Meghan was not a part of the action (as per usual), she was basically a viewer just like the rest of us. Meghan wrote, “I was there in person and I’m still in shock watching the scene with how quickly everything escalated with Kelly. She was extremely crass and it’s embarrassing that she was treating my friends with such disrespect. I think we all were pretty shocked by Kelly’s behavior and how quickly she resorted to the low blows. I don’t blame Heather [Dubrow] at all for being upset and walking out like she did. I wish she would’ve stayed for the rest of the night, but if I were in her shoes, I would’ve left too. If I didn’t know the real Kelly and how great she can be, I would’ve left myself!”

I don’t get why Heather got up to be honest. She took over Meghan’s party and made it even worse. I definitely think Heather severely overreacted. She did not make the situation any better and detracted from celebrating Meghan.


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