Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Scheana Marie Shay has always looked great. It’s obvious that she’s not the kind of girl who would just roll out of bed and head outside – let alone film an episode of Vanderpump Rules. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance and takes care of her body.

Scheana has been proud of her hard work and has been sharing her fitness results on her social media pages. Instead of applauding her progress, people have been responding to her posts with some pretty hateful remarks.


It is not at all okay to attack someone on social media about their weight or other aspects of his or her appearance. I understand expressing concern over someone’s health, but writing ratchet and hateful things on someone’s page is not at all constructive.

Scheana posted the photo above on her Instagram page with an endorsement for Hydroxycut diet supplements: “Getting some stretching in before my workout today! Want to take your workouts to the max? Grab some of this stuff… @hydroxycut.” Sheana also wrote that she was “addressing you haterzzzzzz” on Snapchat.

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Clearly, Scheana knew that she was going to get some negative feedback and the caption pretty much confirms that it has been happening consistently. If you scroll through the comments on her page, you too would feel bad for her. There is a difference between caring and stepping out of bounds. Plus, it is usually out of bounds to talk about such a personal topic on someone’s page when you only know them from a TV show.

I would like to think that the Instagram user who wrote this comment was just saying that Scheana was super skinny in that way that many friends do, but I feel like the comment can be read in many tones: “Holy shit ur teeeeeeny! Dont lose anymore or u will literally disappear! U must be a size 0!” Nevertheless, it is way too personal of a comment on a stranger’s post.

Another said they weren’t hating, but it still was not alright to say this: “Sorry!! Not a hater at all but you looked stunning and voluptuous before!! Thought you were beautiful!! Way too skinny now!”

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Someone else had the nerve to write, “I don’t think you need to take that, your already sick skinny.” How would a complete stranger know anything about Scheana’s health? It’s ridiculous how people can just comment such personal things on a stranger’s post.

A follower criticized Scheana for using a weight loss supplement: “Hydroxycut? Sad day girl. Sad day.” That’s her business. Let her live.

People really need to chill. No matter what is going on with Scheana’s life or body, they really don’t have the right to issue such personal remarks against a complete stranger.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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