Teresa struggles to communicate with Jacqueline

We all knew that the reconciliation between Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita was going to be short-lived. There was a lot of tension boiling underneath the surface after they decided to be friends again without actually resolving any of their issues. 

So it was only a matter of time until Jacqueline and Teresa came to blows and resumed talking shit about each other in order to mold public opinions. I have no idea why Jacqueline would ever mess with Teresa since Real Housewives of New Jersey really is Teresa’s show, but she has and Teresa is ready to put her in check.


Teresa has been pretty chill so far this season, but even the new zen Teresa couldn’t resist coming for Jacqueline in her latest Bravo blog entry.

Teresa opened with, “Well…so much for “rebuilding” a friendship…”

I can’t even believe that anyone was taking that seriously. We all knew these two would never end up as friends. 

Teresa continued, “Maybe I’m naïve, but I was really looking forward to a nice night with her and Chris [Laurita], with us talking and sharing a few laughs, trying to take steps to rebuild what we had lost. That obviously did not happen. I got invited to her house and got attacked –- again. No thanks.”

Honestly though, no matter how right Jacqueline felt that she was, if she really wanted to be on good friends with Teresa, she was too pushy and went about everything all wrong.

Teresa also wrote, “She saw how uncomfortable I was but just kept going. Then she called my brother. To me, that was crossing a line. Who does that? Then, as you saw, she hit me below the belt with her nasty words. She was mean. For me, that was it. I had to leave. I had to remove myself from her negativity. As I’ve said before, I just want peace. I wasn’t getting any over there.”

To be honest, I felt like it was all a little heavy for a first friend hang out. They definitely should have eased into having serious conversations with each other.

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For reasons I’ll never understand Teresa wrote, “I really hope that one day Jacqueline and I can rebuild our friendship, but right now, I’m not so sure.” I really don’t get why, but that’s nice of her to be positive and whatnot.

Teresa added,  “I’m disappointed in the way she acted toward me that night. I had the best of intentions going there. But she showed me that she hasn’t changed at all. She was so vicious. It was sad to see her like that, to be honest. Hopefully she will find a way to stop being so negative and to learn to listen better and not make assumptions about things before lashing out. I hope she learns to be more positive.”

Well of course Jacqueline was going to act exactly the same. The two of them just decided to be friends out of thin air when Jacqueline was asked back to the show and never actually worked out any of the issues they had together.

The one good thing to come out of this whole thing was that Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga had her back when Jacqueline came her way to stir the pot. Teresa commented on this when she wrote, “On a more positive note of my own, I have to say I was really happy when Melissa defended me and my brother at lunch with Jacqueline. It makes me feel so good that things are good with her and my brother again.”

LOL at Jacqueline’s plan to instigate family drama between Melissa and Teresa backfiring and actually bringing the sisters-in-law closer together. It looks like it’s going to be a rough season for Jacqueline, that’s for sure.


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