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Newsflash! Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] is not a good guy. But Little Women: LA star Briana Renee likes to think so, and has been campaigning the public to fall in line for a number of years now. Guess what, Briana? It ain’t gonna happen!

Briana’s own father, Robert Kealiher, has been very vocal about his feelings on Briana Renee’s marriage, namely that Matt has manipulated her into a near state of total isolation from family and friends ever since he appeared on the scene. But now the stakes are higher – despite having announced to the world that their son Maverick Jax was born in late June of this year, Briana and Matt are still barring Briana‘s parents from meeting their infant grandson.  


Kealiher didn’t mince words when he told Radar Online that his son in law Matt “is a bad person,” accusing him of finding “someone naive and gullible who he can control.”

Briana has staunchly defended Matt since day one, despite his many public infidelities and shameful behavior – many of which occurred while Briana was pregnant with their child. After the couples’ Ride Or Die special last spring, which featured a downtrodden Briana “forgiving” Matt for all of his disgusting public indiscretions, viewers were in shock. Some even called for a ban on Lifetime of Briana and Matt from future installments of LWLA, citing their toxic relationship as too damaging to watch – even for reality TV! 

Briana’s father agrees that it’s all become so bizarre, his family cannot make sense of it anymore. Of his daughter, he reports, “I haven’t talked to her. She hasn’t called. It’s the same thing. We respect what they do and we keep our distance.” 

Defending her choice to keep son Maverick away from her parents, Briana told Radar back in July that “my family has never supported my marriage nor my pregnancy, and thus has not earned the privilege to feign concern for their own personal gain.” She also claims her father “spread lies” about Matt. Which begs the question: Who can possibly smear Matt’s character more than MATT HIMSELF!?

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Yet these same parents are deemed fit to frequently take care of Briana’s firstborn daughter, LeianaKealiher says, “We don’t say anything to Leiana about Matt or his behavior. She’ll see it in the end.” Sad, but true. 

For now, Kealiher says he and his wife are just trying to care for Leiana the best they can, while ensuring she engages in educational activities at their home. He claims Leiana “says she plays video games” at Briana’s home. 

Briana, who has been lied to over and over (and over) again by her husband, seems to have directed her rage at her parents ever since Matt began to completely control her entered her life. She claims it’s not Matt who’s lying; it’s her parents. “No one who spreads lies is allowed in my life. Or the lives of my children,” she said in defense of keeping baby Maverick away from her family.

Another day, another delusion. It doesn’t look like this feud is ending anytime soon. However, new developments are on the horizon as next week’s Little Women: LA reveals shocking details about Matt’s illicit sexts with transgender model Plastic Martyr. Although these accusations are huge, I’m sure Matt will just have another excuse locked and loaded and, tragically, Briana will be more than ready to take another bullet.  


Photo Credit: Lifetime 

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