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It seems like no matter what Kim Zolciak says or does, it always incites some controversy. No matter what photos she posts or how she looks, people always have something to say about her. That said, Kim always has something to say in response to her haters. She is not afraid to defend herself when it comes to social media, plastic surgery, or anything else that people come at her for.

Kim has been doing a ton of interviews these days and posting a lot on Instagram and Snapchat which makes sense since Don’t Be Tardy just came back for its fifth season and she has to promote it. Thankfully, Kim isn’t like most TV stars who just give fluff interviews. Ninety nine percent of the time, Kim says some entertaining stuff.


Kim is an easy person to hate on. I get that she provides a ton of material for people, but I don’t understand why people are so negative to her. For the most part, she keeps it real and I appreciate her hustle.

One thing that people always criticize Kim for is her appearance. People say she looks too good, too young, or too skinny, which I find pretty funny since haters would probably come at her if she was the opposite of all those things. No matter what she does, she can’t win. 

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In an interview with AOL, Kim said, “They accuse me of editing. Then go to my Snapchap. You can’t alter on that. I have no answer for people. I get it. It is genetics. There’s no other answer for it. I don’t sit down and eat big steak and potatoes.”

I do believe Kim does have good genetics for some things, but all know she does take care of the others and she’s actually super open with it. I don’t get why she would admit to some procedures and not others. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Kim explained why it’s important for her to be so open about her cosmetic procedures and posts videos of them on her social media in an interview with Daily Star. Kim said, “I’m happy with doing it or not doing it, I just want to always feel the best I can about myself.”

I also hate it when celebrities never cop to getting anything done and end up setting unrealistic beauty standards for women. Kim echoed these sentiments: “I like to share my secrets with women as much as women think I’ve had all this plastic surgery. Everything I have ever done,  I have shared. On my show, they have seen me having my tummy and boobs done. I didn’t have to do that. I didn’t have to post that video.”

Kim is trying to change the view of plastic surgery from something that’s so taboo to something that can do a lot for women and their self esteem. Kim explained how why she is as open as she is, “I just want women to know there’s stuff out there you can do to make yourself feel better. I feel like women should empower other women.”

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A lot of people think Kim is posting photos and videos because she’s a reality TV star and over-sharing is what they do, but it really does seem like Kim has another objective when it comes to being so open about her appearance. Yes, she is getting attention and people like me write these articles, but she is creating the opportunity for people to have an honest dialogue about cosmetic procedures and try to change the view on how it’s perceived. Not everyone who gets plastic surgery is superficially motivated. 

As strange as it sounds, Kim has a good point. With careful research, proper safety precautions, and a positive motivation, cosmetic procedures can be a good thing for women. It just really depends on the circumstances and people need to chill out and stop being so automatically judgmental about everything plastic surgery-related.


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