Kim Zolciak Calls Out Cynthia Bailey For Being “Two-Faced” Last Season; Says She Wouldn’t Put Up With Peter Thomas After That Video Surfaced

Just because Kim Zolciak isn’t on Real Housewives of Atlanta anymore, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t keeping up with the show. Not only is she tuning in, but she also a lot of opinions about the ladies. During the Watch What Happens Live after show, Kim called out Cynthia Bailey for being two faced last season. And she didn’t stop there.

Kim also talked about Cynthia’s violent altercation with Porsha Williams and that infamous video that surfaced of Cynthia’s soon-to-be ex Peter Thomas. Kim was not holding back- at all.


I’ve always liked Cynthia, but I really thought she was a terrible friend to Kenya Moore last season. Cynthia dropped Kenya the instant that NeNe Leakes blessed her with forgiveness and and a renewed friendship. It was shitty to say the least. Say what you want about Kenya, but she has always been a very loyal and supportive friend to CynthiaCynthia really hung her out to dry.

When asked if she thought Cynthia was two faced for doing this, Kim immediately responded with, “Duh” She just said what we were all thinking. Kim also read my mind when she said that it was “strange” that Cynthia got so offended by Porsha using the word “bitch” during that boat party. They were all throwing the word “bitch” out there the entire afternoon, so yeah Cynthia reacting so harshly really came out of nowhere. I don’t know if she was trying to get some screen time or if she just had a lot of frustration from her marriage that she was trying to unleash, but Porsha definitely didn’t deserve that.

And then there’s THAT video of Peter getting way too close to a woman that wasn’t Cynthia while they were still together. Kim didn’t have the most articulate response to the infamous video, but I really do get what she was trying to convey when she remarked,  “I actually watched it and I don’t even know how. But I watched it and it was pretty, I just wouldn’t put up with it.” Exactly. I have no idea how Cynthia stuck around for so long after that.

Kim always keeps it real and I definitely agree with her assessment of Cynthia’s antics from last season. Hopefully the next season is a better one for her.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]