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Teresa Giudice Is Done With Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri Because They Did Not Reach Out When She Was In Jail

I know many are criticizing Teresa Giudice for not wanting a relationship with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. Plus, she was super cold when they showed up at the book signing. Teresa can be polarizing, but it does seem like she has a legitimate reason to not want to be around Rosie and Kathy.

Teresa has a ton going on right now – she is basically a single mom to her four daughters since Joe Giudice is in prison. She’s trying hard to hustle and provide for her family. And Teresa only wants to be a part of situations that are positive. So, if she doesn’t view interacting with her cousins as positive, that makes sense. Tre also got more specific about what Kathy and Rosie did (and didn’t do) to offend her so greatly.


Teresa has been super zen this season with the yoga and all that namaste stuff, but now she’s starting to get fiery again and she’s not holding back when it comes to her issues with her cousin in her latest Bravo blog.

Tre addressed the criticisms she received for her less-than-warm demeanor: “Some people have said I came across as ‘cold’ at my meeting with Kathy and Rosie, but they don’t know the whole story.” Fair enough, we really only get to see forty something minutes of footage each week, so there’s bound to be a lot that the viewers don’t know about.

In her blog, Teresa thanked her brother Joe Gorga and Melissa for standing up for her when they were at Kathy and Rich Wakile‘s house, which was really sweet, but I know that everyone really wants to know about the dirt between the cousins, so I’m just going to skip over all of those nice paragraphs. I’m way too invested in these people’s lives, so I enjoyed reading them, but I feel like I need to get to the real juicy stuff.

Yes, Richie makes good TV, and I have no actual reason not to like him, but even as a stranger on television, I think our one-sided relationship is best in small doses. So I can’t imagine what it’s like hanging with him at family functions. With that said, I can totally understand why Teresa’s point of view on cousin-in-law: “Over the years, he has always managed to put me down, make jokes at my expense or say really cutting things about me. I talked about how mad I was that he threw my cookbook in the garbage years ago. I mean, who does that? I had it with Richie a long time ago, but have kept my mouth shut about him over the years because he is married to my cousin. But now, I’ve had enough.”

I do think it’s a little silly to be mad about a cookbook getting thrown out, but then again I don’t support my family from writing cookbooks, so it’s hard for me to fathom how insulting that could be. I do think that Richie was just trying to side with his wife, instead of intentionally putting down Teresa. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a cool thing to do while filming a reality show that is watched by millions of people. It wasn’t just between Richie and his wife: everyone saw it and maybe that’s why Teresa is so sensitive? Honestly, I think she’s more annoyed by Richie’s general disposition and the cookbook thing was the last straw.

One of my favorite parts about Teresa explaining this whole family situation was how she took the opportunity to plug her cookbook: “For years, things with Kathy, Richie and Rosie were good, for the most part, until they came on the show behind my back, which I write about in my memoir, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again. (On last week’s episode they came to see me at one of my book signings without telling me they were going to be there, which took my by surprise, as you can probably tell by the look on my face…).” I understand that the cousins had trouble getting through to Teresa, but ambushing her at a business event that she was filming for the show really wasn’t a good move at all. I’m hoping that they had good intentions, but they definitely blindsided her and I can see why Tre was not too happy about that.

Teresa also revealed that her cousin Kathy never her gave a heads up when she joined Real Housewives of New Jersey: “During the first two seasons I was on RHONJ, we talked about the show a lot. I was always telling them about what was going on with different ladies from the group. (Guess which ones?) So I was more than blown away when Andy [Cohen] – not Kathy – called me to tell me Kathy was coming on the show in the third season as a new Housewife. I couldn’t believe she kept it from me. I felt beyond betrayed.”

Once again, I feel like Teresa was blindsided for the sake of making good TV. Why the hell wouldn’t you tell your own cousin that you were joining a reality show that she was on? I would tell my worst enemy that I was joining the cast of her show. It’s just a decent thing to do that takes minimal effort. Instead, Teresa was caught off guard and ended up looking cold and uninviting. Based on Teresa’s version of events (which is obviously skewed in her favor), it seems like Kathy has a pattern of blindsiding Teresa on reality television. As tough as it can be to root for Teresa sometimes, I definitely see why that can be offensive.

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Of course, Teresa addressed the comments made during the reunion episodes – again – which I’m also going to skip over because as much as I care, I’m over hearing about that since we all know where they stand.

Teresa also touched upon the tasteless moment at the end of Season 6, where Richie asked Kathy’s mother what she thought about Teresa’s sentencing, “The next big blow that came from that side of the family started with Richie. Again. He never knows when to shut up. When Richie, Kathy, Rosie and their mother, my aunt, were talking about my legal troubles, Richie asked my aunt what she thought of it all. (Why would he do that?).” 

Once again, I have to say that I really get why people criticize Teresa. She provides people with a lot of material, but I can see why she’s upset by Richie. He was clearly being a shit stirrer. Mind you, Kathy wasn’t even a Housewife then, so it seemed like they were looking for screen time. Well they got it and threw Teresa under the bus when she was at a vulnerable point – definitely not a move to make when (supposedly) looking for family harmony.

Teresa added, “I have to say I am still hurt to this day by my aunt’s answer. Instead of saying she supported me no matter what or something like that, she said, ‘I always told my children, you do something wrong, you always pay for it. You can never get away with it.’ I’m sorry. That was like a punch in the gut. Was I furious? Yes. Enough said.” Richie is just a total shit stirrer. He is not a Housewife and neither is Kathy. He needs to chill.

Obviously that whole scene can be interpreted many ways, so let’s get to the part where I really, truly think Teresa has a valid point to be mad at her cousins. Teresa revealed, “Here’s the icing on the cake: When I went away, I didn’t hear a peep from Kathy, Richie, or Rosie. Nothing. Not a card. Not a letter. Not a call to Joe asking how he and the girls were doing. Whatever. I had bigger things to deal with. As I have said, I was most concerned with my daughters, Joe and my parents while I was at camp.” 

Really though? They care so much about Teresa that they didn’t send her anything, ask her husband about her, or contact her children? But now that there’s a camera crew following Teresa around, they are looking for peace? Even if they are being genuine, they have to understand how awful that looks and how bad that makes Teresa feel. Even Melissa (who was not on the list of Teresa’s approved email contacts) went out of her way to send letters and photos of Teresa’s kids. Mind you, this was at a time when Teresa and Melissa really weren’t friends, so that says a lot about Melissa.

I absolutely see why Teresa would hold a grudge against her cousins for not contacting her while she was in jail. The other stuff is up for interpretation, but this is a pretty valid reason in my opinion. And I totally get why Teresa would question their timing, even if their intentions are genuine.


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