Shannon Beador

There seems to be no end to the Kelly Dodd-initiated drama on Real Housewives of Orange County. This also appears to be true in real life even though filming for the season has wrapped. One person who’s been in the thick of it with Kelly is Shannon Beador. And they are arguing about more than just the antics that went down in the latest episode with Kelly and Tamra Judge’s massive fight in Ireland. Shannon is calling out Kelly for fat shaming.


How we got from Shannon and Kelly each defending their part in the Ireland drama to body shaming each other and fans of the show seems to be really off base, but it happened. As we all know, pretty much everything posted online gets screen shot nowadays, and Shannon really came through with the receipts on this one.

Well, that escalated quickly. As per usual, the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies were defending their actions in the latest episode on their social media accounts. That’s nothing new, but it just got really personal.

In a Facebook post, Shannon put up a picture of her phone with the Twitter app open and wrote, “This is a screen shot of something posted by Kelly Dodd. This Twitter follower tweeted to me ‘Hey fatty, congrats on stirring the pot by telling Tamra what Kelly said,’ on Monday night.”

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“I have gained weight and despite all my efforts, it isn’t coming off. You will see it on the reunion. I responded to him to defend myself – not only about his fat shaming, but to say that one of my best friends asked me a question about Kelly and I told her the truth bec I do not lie,” added Shannon. “I would have expected the same from Tamra if the tables were turned.”

Fair enough. And obviously that conversation did not go too well, but then again I’m sure a lot of reality stars face trolls so it’s not super shocking even though it’s horrible.

Shannon Beador

Well, things got crazier when Kelly got in on the body shaming as well. Shannon explained, “And to continue – my not so good friend Kelly was outed today for fat shaming one of her Instagram followers. I was a victim of fat shaming on Monday night and I absolutely feel for the poor viewer that was slammed by Kelly today when she said ‘Put the fork down. Your kid is going to be embarrassed by you’, on her own Instagram page.”

Take a look at the screen shot that a viewer posted of Kelly responding to a follower’s comment on Instagram and even going to the person’s own page to comment on her body and her baby.

Kelly Dodd fat shames RHOC fan

In response, Shannon also wrote, “Kelly’s comment is fat shaming and a hideous statement on so many levels. Has Vicki [Gunvalson] been instructing her puppet Kelly on the art of deflection that she thinks she has perfected??? Not working this time. Check in with me when you are 52 Kelly bec I have been thin all my life and then something happened…”

This is just way out of control. I get that these people are on a reality show and their lives are up for public consumption, but attacking anyone’s body in this way is just really vicious and irrelevant to what they were initially arguing about on social media anyway.


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