Shannon Beador Discusses Kelly Dodd’s Behavior On The Ireland Trip; Teases “It Gets Uglier”

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that this Real Housewives of Orange County season would be extremely boring if you took Kelly Dodd out of the mix. I can safely say that as a viewer, but I’m sure that he women who are actually cast members on the show could do without her dramatics. One of those ladies is Shannon Beador who hasn’t gotten along with Kelly right from the very beginning.

After Kelly’s outbursts in Ireland, Shannon is taking her to task, defending Tamra Judge, and taking (another) opportunity to throw Vicki Gunvalson under the bus. Shannon has never been the type to hold back in the past and she definitely has no issue going in on Kelly now.


God, that last episode was such a hot mess, but I was loving it. Shannon did not enjoy the antics as much as I did, however, so it’s not surprising that she discussed the Ireland craziness in her last Bravo blog.

The trip started out nice enough, but we all knew that was not going to last. Things are bound to go wrong. Every. Single. Time. And this is especially true now that Kelly is invited to everything. Shannon remarked, “Everyone was laughing and getting along together! But after Kelly consumed a few cocktails, the demeanor of the day drastically changed.”

I have no idea how this is at all shocking. She always brings this kind of drama.

But anyway, I do think that people were overreacting to Kelly‘s nose-flicking, but then again if she was doing that all day, that would get old pretty quickly. Shannon explained, “Kelly’s sense of humor can be quite juvenile, and all of us were tired of her repeated nose-flicking practical joke. But when Kelly got wind that Vicki and Tamra were complaining about it, she took things to a whole new level. And it got worse from there.”

It seemed annoying as hell. Who wants that kind of interruption while they’re trying to turn up? No one.

It was interesting that Vicki was the one getting annoyed by Kelly yet the whole thing ended up being about Tamra and Kelly. Shannon agreed, “I know that Tamra had continually defended Kelly in times that were even unwarranted, so it was shocking to hear Kelly go off on her. Especially when Vicki was the person having a real issue with Kelly’s joke.”

I also was so confused by Kelly randomly insulting Heather Dubrow and making remarks about her Jewish heritage. Clearly she’s going to get a lot of backlash from that – if she hasn’t already. So it isn’t at all surprising that Shannon went in on Kelly for this one. She wrote, “I was blown away when Tamra brought up that Kelly looked into Heather’s property records. Kelly’s explanation in defending herself made no sense. And then she moved into making racist remarks about Jewish people.”

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Yeah that had nothing to do with anything. I have no idea why Kelly would ever get into that territory with her remarks.

Shannon was surprised Kelly‘s supposed bestie Vicki had absolutely nothing to do with trying to diffuse the controversy. “I attempted to try and smooth things over with everyone, but it didn’t happen. It is interesting that Vicki is so close to Kelly, yet literally removed herself from the whole situation.”

Some “best friend.” I guess Vicki only had Kelly‘s back when the other ladies were all against her. Clearly she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize her post-dune-buggy-accident good graces that she found herself in.

Then there was Kelly pulling a Kelly and saying the most effed up sh-t she could think of. When Kelly talked to Shannon about Tamra‘s lack of relationship with her oldest daughter, I knew all hell was going to break loose.

Shannon defended her decision to tell Tamra about the comments that were made behind her back: “I am very close to Tamra and know the devastation she has been suffered in the last two years. I quickly told Kelly that her comment was hurtful and inappropriate. After we entered the store, Tamra asked me what Kelly and I were talking about on the way to the bus. I am not a liar, so I told her the comment made by Kelly. I know I will receive backlash from this, so I will say that if the tables were turned, I would absolutely want to hear what was said about me and I know that Tamra feels the same way.”

I don’t see why anyone (except for Kelly) would be upset by Shannon telling Tamra what was said. They were filming a reality show, so she was obviously going to find out about it anyway. Tamra might as well learn about it while they were recording so she could defend herself.

As if this last episode wasn’t crazy enough, the preview for the next one looks pretty off the rails as well. I could not be more excited for it, especially after Shannon teased, “Next week it gets uglier than I ever thought possible. Some people really know how to ruin an amazing vacation. Tune into see how that goes…” YES. I am so ready for that one.

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