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Did Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Screw Restaurant Contractors Out Of $22,000?

A lawsuit accuses Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker of not being right on their money by failing to pay construction crew members for work done on their Old Lady Gang restaurant.

You would think after being such close friends with Peter Thomas, they’d know what happens when you don’t pay your bills. But before doors are even open on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta couple’s restaurant they’ve been hit with a $22,000 lien from both a carpenter and an air conditioner contractor.


Court papers filed in Georgia accuse Kandi and Todd of ignoring numerous invoices. Shockingly, the suit also claims the general contractor they hired paid with fraudulent checks. Eeks! Who is this guy…Apollo Nida?

Possibly Kandi and Todd have been screwed by a shady contractor who is pocketing their cash, then not paying the crew, but it certainly seems they are guilty of not doing the proper due diligence.

The suit was filed by two men who worked on The Old Lady Gang, carpenter Charles Busbee and HVAC technician Tyrone Manuel.

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Mr. Busbee says he his owed $16,512 by Kandi and Todd for work he and his crew did this summer. He also complains the project was very disorganized and it was necessary for him to assume the responsibilities of job site foreman without  additional compensation. By the end of June, he’d had enough of the frustrating situation, and quit.

He was supposed to be receive payment by June 30th, and when he finally was paid, discovered he had been issued fraudulent checks by Kandi and Todd‘s general contractor.

Mr. Busbee received no response to repeated invoices. “I have spoken with you on numerous occasions since you wrote the three (3) checks, and I have received only empty promises to match my empty pockets,” one of his invoices (submitted as evidence) states.

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Mr. Manuel tells a similar story. He provided cooling systems for the kitchen and lobby. He states Kandi and Todd owe him $5,366.

Copies of the court paperwork are at The Daily Mail – click here. The Old Lady Gang is due to open in February ’17. Kandi hasn’t publicly commented on the suit, but she did tweet, “Today has been so stressful… This restaurant is gonna drive me crazy & it’s not even open yet.”

Hmmm… after all the stink Todd made about Phaedra Parks not paying him, I hope he and Kandi clear this up right away, lest they be hypocrites. #FixItJesus


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