Moore Manor Housewarming Party

The ladies on the Real Housewives of Atlanta are the best shade throwers in the whole Real Housewives franchise. I would never want to mess with or compete with any of these ladies, but I absolutely live for it when they feud with each other.

Case in point, Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield have been feuding over the construction of their homes for what feels like forever. It seems like a dumb thing to argue about (at least in my opinion), but the tension is far from over for these two even though the season finished filming. Kenya is throwing shade at Sheree about her house and her finances.


Don’t get me wrong, I am so pumped to have OG cast member Sheree back on the show, but we all know that she needed this show as much as the show needs her. To put it mildly, Sheree has had some public financial struggles so I’m really not surprised that construction of her home, Chateau Sheree, took an eternity to get done. I’m also not surprised that Kenya has been promoting her own home Moore Manor and shading Sheree in the process.

Not only was Kenya throwing shade right out the gate during the first episode of the show’s ninth season, she also took to Twitter to take even more jabs at Sheree. As much as I love Sheree, I cannot help laughing at the way Kenya has no boundaries when it comes to going in on Twitter.

At the start of the show, Kenya tweeted, “Already throwing major shade #RHOA #Mooremanor” and I am not at all surprised by that. Kenya is a queen when it comes to shade throwing.

Kenya also could not help herself and made fun of the extremely long period of time to complete Chateau Sheree in a tweet that reads, “Ummm at least I live in my home..5 years later and still throwing stones from an apartment.”

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I feel like Kenya should have double checked this tweet with a proof read for grammar, but I do get the point she was trying to make when she tweeted, “Maybe she she start paying her bills she’s be living in #chateaucharade by now.” I hate to be mean, but Sheree‘s very public issues with money and taxes seem like an obvious hold up when it comes to completing her dream house. I mean, it can’t take that many years to pick out molding and paint colors, right?

And the insults just kept on coming with this gem: “If you’re going to throw stones at least throw them from inside your house… chile.” I’m kind of confused by the “chile” part here, but maybe that shade was just thrown way above my head. Either way, we all understand that Kenya is calling Sheree out for taking an eternity to build her house and her financial problems.

Just in case Kenya was afraid that Sheree would not see her previous tweets, Kenya called Sheree out directly by mentioning her in this tweet: “I’d put my tax returns up against @IamSheree any day. #selfmademillionaire #25yearsgettingpaid #shetriedit #payurbills #struggleisreal” Damn. This woman really doesn’t hold back and this was all about episode one. I cannot wait to see the rest of the season.



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