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Sheree Whitfield And Sherri Shepherd Talk RHOA; Sheree Insists Chateau Sheree Is A Lot Further Along Than Moore Manor

Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd are Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live. Sheree and Sherri take turns sharing their thoughts on the drama on Real Housewives of Atlanta so far this season.

Andy asks if Kenya Moore is to blame for Glen Rice Jr. getting out of control in Miami. “No,” says Sherri without hesitation. “I thought that guy was a little bit aggressive with the ladies. That was one time I sided with Kenya. He needed to leave.”

Andy asks Sheree if she felt threatened. “I did not feel threatened at all,” she insists. “I don’t think any of us really felt threatened. Actually, they [Glen and Kenya] were going back and forth in a playful banter, almost like flirty for a little while, so it was really weird.”


Sheree weighs in on other RHOA storylines:

Kenya, friend or foe? “I don’t want to use the word ‘friend’ too loosely, so I would say keeping my enemies close.”

Cynthia and Peter‘s marriage woes – “I hope they stay together.”

DonJuan, too involved in drama between housewives? “DonJuan has got to protect Kandi so he’s going to do whatever he thinks is best for Kandi.”

Demise of Kandi and Phaedra‘s friendship – “It’s unfortunate. I hope they can work it out.”

Porsha and Cynthia‘s boat brawl – “I was not expecting that – that got out of control really really fast.”

Did Sherri watch NeNe Leakes on The View? “Yes. I think NeNe and Joy need to be the new WWE Divas.” As for NeNe calling out Raven-Symoné, Sherri says, “I thought that Raven was actually very nice, but I know there is backstory with NeNe and Raven, before they even got to the table.”

Sheree admits Chateau Sheree is not done yet. “I am almost done,” she claims. “It’s taking time. It’s my baby. Before I present it to everybody, it’s going to be perfect.”

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Andy asks if Moore Manor is done. Sheree says no, adding that she’s “a lot further along” than Kenya is. Sheree refuses to commit to an expected date of completion.

Thoughts on Kim Fields on RHOA?

Sherri says, “I love Kim Fields. I think she’s a breath of fresh air. She cries a lot, but I love her.” Sheree agrees that Kim is a breath of fresh air, but shares, “However I don’t know if she really meshes with the girls really well.”

A caller asks Sheree if Bob has stepped up. “Bob has totally stepped up,” she says. “We’re doing really well.” Andy says we will see Bob on RHOA later in the season.

How does Sheree feel about Phaedra and Kandi‘s fight over money? “It’s kind of weird getting into business with your friends.  I know they were really close at one time, so I feel kind of bad that they’re going through this.”

Andy reminds us that Sherri and Kenya didn’t hit it off when they appeared on WWHL together in 2014. “I was fasting, and I hadn’t eaten for two days,” says Sherri. “I was a little irritable with everything. I admire Kenya, and I respect her. Sometimes you don’t gel. And I get along with everybody; that’s what everybody knows about me in Hollywood. We just didn’t gel, but I wish Kenya the best.”

About Kenya‘s failed attempt to talk to her mom on tonight’s episode of RHOA, Sherri shares, “I felt really badly that she does not have a relationship with her mother, but I also wonder how different it would have been if there was not a camera crew when she knocked on her mother’s door. I hope they reconcile.”

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Poll – Who should Sheree check now? 

Cynthia – 14%

Kandi – 1%

Kenya – 25%

Kim – 1%

Phaedra – 7%

Porsha – 12%

DonJuan – 40%


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