Tom Schwartz prank

When Tom Schwartz made a steak dinner for Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval on the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, it just seemed like he was doing a sweet gesture to ask them to be groomsmen in his wedding, but it was actually a nasty prank.

After Tom asked the guys to take part in the wedding, he handed them both big envelopes full of photos that revealed that the steak and shrimp they ate had previously been in-between his butt cheeks. As if that wasn’t gross enough Tom also revealed that he ran that day and did not shower. Eeeeww.


Tom opened up about the gross prank – with way too many details – to Bravo.

Aside from the whole thing just being all sorts of nasty, I can’t get over some of the logistics. Not only did Tom actually put raw meat between his butt cheeks, but he also had a photo shoot with the steak and shrimp. Who the hell actually took those pics? I was hoping it was self-timer, but that’s not the case.

Tom confessed, “After gathering everything needed, came the awkward part of asking my sister-in-law to be the poor soul who would take the pics of the center cut filets in between my butt cheeks.” Where was Tom’s wife Katie Maloney when this photo shoot was going down? I wonder if she had any prior knowledge of these shenanigans.

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I also wondered if Tom ate that nasty food himself, or if he had some way of separating his food from Jax and Sandoval‘s food,”I put subtle marks on both of their steaks so I could recognize whose was whose and to prevent eating my own butt steak. I also set aside my own serving of fresh shrimp selected from theirs. The shrimp were worse in my opinion because they went straight from my butt onto the rim of the glass with no cooking in-between, which in hindsight may have been too far.”

Oh my god. Eeewwww. Hopefully they prank him back because this just keeps sounding worse with every new detail. It’s not over though. Tom also revealed, “My favorite part, which I don’t think you saw, was when I kept putting the shrimp under their nose and asking them to smell the freshness of same day caught shrimp.” GROSS.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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