Sheree Whitfield & Porsha Williams Sound Off About The Drama On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta only just started, but there is no shortage of drama. Every single woman in the cast is bringing their A-game. They all have a lot going on own their own and with each other – which means that they all have a lot of opinions about everyone’s business. So of course Sheree Whitfield has thoughts about Kandi Burruss’s baby daddy drama and Porsha Williams can’t help reacting to Sheree’s fight with Kenya Moore.

I love how much this cast is weaved into each other’s lives – this show makes sense instead of random scenes of people who have nothing to do with each other. Everyone on Real Housewives of Atlanta is looking out for themselves and spilling the tea about everyone else and I am absolutely living for it.


The last RHOA episode was full of drama. Kandi was struggling because her daughter’s piece of shit father decided to come back on the scene. Obviously, he just wanted to capitalize on Kandi’s shine and exploit a sad situation to get publicity for whatever music career he supposedly has. It was shady as hell and very sad for Kandi’s daughter Riley Burruss.

Thankfully, Kandi had Sheree to vent to; Sheree is familiar with the situation since her own ex, Bob Whitfield, decided to abandon her family as well.

Sheree opened up about her talk with Kandi in an interview with Bravo, “I can empathize with Kandi as we have shared similar struggles.” Not only that, but Sheree also has an ex who seems suspiciously comfortable around reality TV cameras – so they really do have a lot in common.

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Not only does Sheree sympathize with Kandi, but she revealed that she also understands what Riley could be feeling. Sheree said, “As a single mom and a daughter who went through the same disappointments with my own dad, my heart goes out to any woman that has experienced parenting challenges.”

Unfortunately for Sheree, in addition to listening to Kandi talk about her personal drama, Sheree had her own shit to deal with. Unfortunately for the viewers, I am still referencing Sheree and Kenya’s pointless feud about the construction and decor of their mansions. When is this story line going to end!? It was funny at first. I live for the shade throwing, but I wish they would at least switch up the subject matter a little bit.

Just like most of the cast, Porsha had a front row seat to Sheree and Kenya’s latest showdown. And from what I can tell, it went on for a super long time, or at least that’s what the editing seemed to be alluding to. I was entertained by the random digs (like when Kenya mentioned Mama Joyce‘s wig), but Porsha was not amused by the display and explained why she feels that way in an interview with Bravo.

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Porsha admitted, “I was sitting there bored… I feel like I have heard all those tired reads before. It just gets old, so I decided to dig into the food.” I think Kenya and Sheree are prime sparring opponents, but they just keep arguing about the SAME STUFF over and over again. Please, find something new to be offended by if you’re going to be feuding on camera.

Porsha echoed all of our sentiments, “I honestly don’t get this ongoing rivalry between them. Why can’t they just be glad and congratulate each other for achieving their dreams and owning a home? I was hoping they would get tired and let it go, but that didn’t happen.” I never thought that Porsha would actually be the voice of reason, but she definitely is in this case. Preach, girl.

Let’s hope the battling mansions take a backseat in the upcoming episodes and that Kandi’s baby daddy gets his act together. Then I would definitely be happy.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]