Celebrity Big Brother recap

It’s nomination day in Celebrity Big Brother house. The housemates get to nominate for the first time and things are about to get real.

But before those fun and games, we open to Coleen Nolan, James Jordan, and Calum Best discussing the argument last night. Coleen explains that she was just trying to make Jamie O’Hara feel better and apologizes for upsetting him. Calum explains his point, that it was just another label he had wanted to escape from in the house, and that he understands now why it was all said. It was all very civilized and British, and everyone is happy and lovely again.


We go straight to nominations. Our edited-out housemates (Stacy Francis, Bianca Gascoigne, Brandon Block, Ray J, and James Cosmo) lost the rights to nominate, James C has already been put up, and Jedward are immune from this round.

This is how it goes:

Calum – Stacy (loud and abrupt) and Speidi (determination to win means they try to provoke drama – they win by making other people lose)

Jasmine Waltz – Stacy (invasive of personal space and questions) and Brandon (boring)

Jamie – James J (he said that Jamie had no balls in front of everyone) and Stacy (loud and attention grabbing)

James J – Stacy (fiery and confrontational) and Austin (flipped unnecessarily and a bit sensitive)

We interrupt the nominations to have a bit of a house catch-up. Coleen and Austin Armacost are talking to Jasmine about her flirting again. She’s really getting some grief about this – she gets called out for touching Calum’s leg all the time. Now, I’m no fan of Jasmine, her appearance last time was awful and she was a definite mean girl, but she’s done nothing wrong here.

Coleen explains that she herself flirts with the boys but that obviously means nothing as there’s no way she would go there (that’s because you don’t have the option, woman!). However, she doesn’t feel Jasmine should act the same. (Is that because she’s younger and more attractive, Coleen? Surely that means the problem is not with Jasmine’s behavior, if it’s the same as your own, but with yourself? Stop being all passive aggressive!).

Jasmine takes it well. She’s actually being quite reasonable in the house so far, and she is definitely improving her image, which shed wanted to do. Girl done good!

Fullscreen capture 1102017 21128 PM

Austin, Nicola McLean, Bianca, Calum, and Heidi Pratt are in the bedroom while Jedward are practicing crowd surfing in the living room into a mound of cushions and watched by Stacy. One of them starts peeling an orange and throwing it on the floor. Nicola goes in for the kill, only to discover there was actually a table hidden from view that he was actually throwing it on to clear up later… a bit awkward. She skulks away to rant another day.

Jamie is telling a tale of one of his teammates who, when Jamie started talking to a girl he liked, took his phone and changed her numbers to his own without Jamie realizing. Whilst Jamie was ‘smooth-talking’ what he thought was said girl, his team mate was getting the messages and replying.  Things turned dirty and Jamie arranged to meet ‘the girl’ for some hotel fun. Went to the room, opened it, and all his teammates, coaches, and so on were there waiting for him! #moodkiller #thatswhatfriendsarefor

And on that note, back to nominations:

Coleen – Ray J (he’s not interested in talking to other housemates) and Angie (looks amazing and acts healthily and puts Colleen to shame, also feels under pressure not to nominate her as its Calum’s mum)

Nicola – Ray J (sleeps too much) and Angie (too much health talk)

Jedward – Austin (moody and goes from likeable Austin to argumentative Austin) and Jasmine (not genuine)

Austin – Stacy (doesn’t enjoy spending time with her) and Speidi (doesn’t like them – no secret there)

Angie – Speidi (Spencer told her he would win this, and he antagonises everyone) and Austin (on the emotional edge and ‘turns’)

Speidi – Austin (yelled at Heidi) and Bianca (started Watergate, gives Heidi dirty looks)

No real shockers there. As much as I liked him the first time around, Austin has been moody and snippy, so I’m not surprised he has been called out for that. Nominations will be announced to the house later in the evening, so for now, everyone is in the dark.

Stacy is in the kitchen with housemates discussing her love life/namedropping again. She reveals the first person that ever broke her heart was Wesley Snipes, whom she dated for a year. Apparently, he has the biggest penis she has ever seen and sex would hurt. Thanks for that, Stacy. #canseewhatyouredoing #keepingrelevanttoavoideviction

Coleen and James C are in the garden and discussing the other housemates. James is astounded about the level of self-obsession in the house, and whether he made the right decision going in the house with regards to his career. Colleen seems surprised at the comment of self-obsession but takes it to mean appearance wise.  No, Colleen, he means you only think about yourself. It’s funny to see that she doesn’t actually even register this as an option, as she’s clearly perfect. Hey ho.

Fullscreen capture 1102017 21900 PM

And here we go, nominations are announced. This week, we have Stacy (5 nominations), Austin (4), Speidi (3), Ray J (2), and Angie (2). Now that’s got to hurt, especially for Stacy and Austin, who got more than Speidi.

Everyone puts a brave face on, and it’s hugs all around. Except Stacy, who didn’t get the memo, and goes straight to her bed, looking ready to cry. Bianca may not notice horses and raves, but she notices Stacy’s upset and goes to comfort her. The fact that five people nominated her is upsetting her more than anything, and she doesn’t understand why. Speidi only getting three is the killer.

Austin is in the diary room trying to work it out. In his last season, he went four or five votes without nominations, so he expected the same this season. So to be the 3rd disliked person is a teeth kicker.

Fullscreen capture 1102017 21938 PM

Then we introduce alcohol into the house. And Austin in a mood – a recipe for disaster. Austin and Bianca have a bicker about her name, and Stacy is now in the diary room talking it out. She actually says that she thinks Jasmine voted for her because she sees her as a threat with the boys. Say what??? I hear James C’s voice (“I am the Lord Commander” – no not that, “self-obsessed” – that’s the one) ringing in my ears.

Stacy makes the mistake of going into the bathroom with Austin, who sits in his pants, with red wine and vodka and coke next to him, trying to string a sentence together. Not a good look, made even worse with the stuff he was saying, or more importantly the way he was saying it. This guy is such a miserable chicken since last season. Maybe the relationship breakdown has bittered him up. He tells Stacy she’s up Ray’s ass and acts like she’s on stage and loud. Like Speidi tells Big Brother in the Diary Room, it has really got to Austin getting nominated by more than Speidi were.

Austin goes out in the garden to get the housemates to have a hot tub party. He wears the skimpiest pants in the world. I think he may have smuggled another house mate in those things. It’s clear he is trying to put on a brave face, but James J does his normal wind up and brings up that he got more votes than Spencer and Heidi. He bats it off at first, but James presses the point. Austin wisely walks away.

Fullscreen capture 1102017 22143 PM

Nicola and Jamie are having a bit of a snuggle with cute little pecks and touching. Jamie says nothing would happen, as he is friends with her husband. Most of the housemates are worse for wear and Nicola just seems desperate for affection. She seems to be the one initiating everything and is clearly drunk, but Jamie’s little message to the camera directed to Tom (her husband) shows that he’s more than mindful of how it looks.

Jamie tells Nicola to go to bed. Nicola tells him to join her in bed when the lights go out to ‘re-assure’ her. That’s a new one. Jamie tells her no, and moves quickly. Now, bearing in mind, Nicola and her husband haven’t been reunited too long after his reported infidelity, I’m not sure Nicola is just using this as a weapon to get back at him and that it will genuinely come to nothing.  Only time, and the next episode, will tell.


Photo Credit: Channel 5