Kyle Richards

Well, lookie here, Kyle Richards decided to write a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week – just in time for her to explain why she thought a game night would be a good idea.

But first, Kyle blames her lack of blogs on the holidays and her new puppy.

“She is like having a newborn baby. Doesn’t sleep through the night yet and is not potty trained. And you cannot take your eyes off her for one second! She is going to be about 150 pounds and is a full-time job. Throwing that in on top of everything else has been a little challenging,” says Kyle, “but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m already totally in love with her.”


Kyle believes that Dorit Kemsley feels bad about Erika Girardi‘s lack of underwear being a never ending topic of gossip and conversation. She further explains that Dorit assumed Erika would find humor in her gift. Silly, Dorit, gag gifts aren’t for people who don’t have a sense of humor.

“I believe Dorit feels bad the topic ever came up and didn’t mean to be hurtful in buying Erika the underwear. She assumed Erika would take it like SHE would have presumably and laughed it off. We all react to things differently, and Erika is self-admittedly guarded as it is. Dorit didn’t think of it as seriously as Erika did. I also would have been hurt by that, but we are all still getting to know each other, and at this point Erika and Dorit had just met.”

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Moving on to game night, Kyle begins, “Anyone who knows me knows I love any excuse to have a party/entertain. The idea of Game Night sounded fun to me in spite of past ones we have had. One can always be hopeful. The night was actually so fun, and we could not stop laughing. I love those kind of nights.”

Kyle notes Eden Sassoon‘s positive attitude, even when being hit on by Dorit and being pestered by Kyle’s dog, “Eden came in not really knowing anyone and was sweet, energetic, and ready to have fun with all of us. I like that about her. Dorit was making me laugh with all her compliments towards Eden. Dorit is also a lot of fun and always makes me laugh. I laughed watching Dorit and Eden having their conversation by the pool and being constantly interrupted by my dog Bambi wanting them to throw her ball repeatedly. Story of my life.”

All good things must come to an end, however, and this end started with Eileen Davidson being her usual exhausting self. “After the games we all sat outside and things turned heavy. Eileen brought up the situation with Dorit and Erika. At this point I’m confused and not sure why everyone is so upset when it’s really between Erika and Dorit. Like Erika said, the more we talk about it, the bigger it gets.”

Kyle claims innocence, “I certainly wasn’t ganging up on Dorit when I said I think Erika was blindsided. I said it to her face without knowing Eileen said the same thing. It was a safe assumption. I feel like the more conversations we have about it and the more people involved, the harder it’s going to be for Erika and Dorit to get past it.”

Enter Kim Richards to take the focus off Kyle – convenient, huh?

Kyle describes Kim and Lisa Rinna as oil and water and determines that they should probably stay away from one another – unless there is super important reality TV to be filmed, of course, then fragile states of mind be damned.

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“They went back and forth regarding their past issues. Then Rinna threw out ‘let’s talk about your arrest.’ That’s where the evening ended for me. It was a low blow. Very low. I felt bad for Kim and knew she must have been humiliated, but she handled it well. Because Kim is in such a good place, she was able to hold her head high and not let it get the best of her.”

“The evening ended with a lot of awkwardness and still unresolved feelings between Eileen and Dorit, Kim and Rinna, and Erika and Dorit,” bemoans Kyle. “At least the actual game part of Game Night was fun. Right?”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo