I feel like all reality stars hang out, but I never expected there to be a crossover between Southern Charm and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Don’t get too ahead of yourself here though, the Bravo cast was not exactly hanging out with the famous reality TV family. Shep Rose got held up and shoved at a Costa Rica airport thanks to the presence of Kim Kardashian and her family. Shep isn’t the only Southern Charm star getting involved with interesting situations these days. Thomas Ravenel and Whitney Sudler-Smith were serenading a British woman in the Hamptons.

Both of those anecdotes seem a little too strange to be true, but they really are and I’m just hoping that the Southern Charm camera crew was present to capture all the entertaining moments.


Unfortunately, the fans of KUWTK and Southern Charm will not get to see any cute selfies of Shep with Kim, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, or Khloe Kardashian waiting around at the airport in Costa Rica. That’s because there was (allegedly) a chaotic situation going down instead.

Shep shared his frustration on Twitter: “The whole Kardashian family is in the airport in Liberia, Costa Rica. Security everywhere. People are in a frenzy. What a world.” So much for a low key, stress free time at the airport- it’s not as if that’s a likely scenario under normal circumstances, but it’s definitely not possible with so many reality stars in the vicinity.

Not only was the airport packed with fans and onlookers, but shit got pretty chaotic for Shep. Someone tweeted him saying, “What a time to be alive,” and Shep quoted the post and replied by saying, “I didn’t know what was going on. And was shoved out the way by a security goon. Wonder what would happen if they just quietly walked in?” So you’re telling me that it’s unnecessary to have hoards of security and paparazzi on hand to board an aircraft? You don’t say. Poor Shep though.

Still, in the famous family’s defense, Kim did get held up at gun point in Fall 2016, so I do get the need for increased security, but I imagine that her safety could be insured in a more discrete manner.

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It wasn’t a totally horrible day for Shep. He did manage to find some humor in the situation. A fan tweeted, “Please don’t say you’re interested in any of them” and Shep quoted the post and tweeted, “Pretty sure I’m not their type.”

Unfortunately, Shep did not have a great experience, but Whitney and Thomas have been enjoying themselves these days. Thomas put up a video of Whitney singing to a stranger on his Instagram page. Thomas explained, “While Whitney Sudler-Smith and I were in the Hamptons we met this exceptionally lovely English lady and I saw a romantic side of Whit we never see on Southern Charm.”

Wait. Isn’t Whitney in a long distance relationship with Larissa Marolt? Why would he be showing his “romantic side” in the Hamptons? Needless to say I have no idea what’s going on in Whitney’s personal life (although I’m sure we will find out next season) and this is probably just an innocent (yet random) serenade.

Thomas continued, “Whitney asked the lady where in England she hailed and when she responded Liverpool (the home of The Beatles) he quickly grabbed a guitar from the non-performing band at this East Hampton restaurant and broke into one of the Beatle’s best known love songs (written by George Harrison which also happened to be Frank Sinatra’s favorite love song).” That’s a lot of unnecessary detail, but I guess it’s nice to see Thomas posting about something on social media other than undermining his baby mama, so I (somewhat) support this insanely long Instagram rant.

Thomas concluded, “Yes, when the lady is special enough, Whitney will go to any length to woo her as he did here. Unfortunately, you can only see her back here. @southerncharmtv.”


[Photo Credit: Instagram]