Shep Rose Apologizes For Posting Offensive Video That Made Fun Of A Woman Collecting Cans On The Street

One of the downsides of being a reality celebrity is that when you make a social media mistake, everyone knows about it. Many stars choose to be as neutral as Switzerland on social media. Southern Charm’s Shep Rose is not one of those people. He is known for making sarcastic comments online and he usually doesn’t seem to care who he offends.

Shep’s arrogance recently caught up to him after he posted a thoughtless video of his interaction with a woman collecting cans on the street on his Instagram Stories. Finally, he has responded to the uproar about his crude post.

People reports that Shep has officially apologized on Twitter. He tweeted, “I know some people were upset about the video from Sunday night. It was a stupid joke and bad idea all around. Also a bit out of context. I spent a few minutes with her talking and telling jokes. She laughed a little. But Yeah, wasn’t cool or funny. Mea culpa.”

Mea culpa, indeed. Maybe not the best apology in the world, but from Shep, it’s something. Maybe more than you would expect, actually. It involves admitting he might be wrong about something. Personally, I would love to know if the woman in the video found Shep funny. She’s the one who matters in all of this.

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The video in question was initially posted on Shep’s Instagram Stories, but has since been removed. In the video, Shep is seen talking to a shoeless woman who is sitting on a stool near a shopping cart full of bagged cans. He yells at her, “Look at me, nice cans! I mean the cans you have!”

The woman in the video covers her face and tells Shep, “No, no, no,” obviously not wanting to be filmed. To make matters worse, Shep had written a caption across his posted video–“I love double entendres. Yes she was camera shy. But she laughed.” Funny, I did not see the woman laughing in the video. Maybe Shep forgot to film that part.

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Shep not only managed to make a crude sexual joke about a stranger, but also mocked her for collecting cans. Personally, whenever I see someone trying to make some money collecting cans, I am thankful that they are recycling and hope they are able to make some money to support themselves. It is called “W-O-R-K.”

Mailbox money Shep is a trust fund baby and has not known what it is like to struggle financially. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for him regarding being sensitive to others. Especially towards those who have not been blessed with the financial and social privilege he proudly claims as a birthright.

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Since the video was initially posted, Shep has been roasted on Twitter and Instagram. Social media users rightly called him out for his boorish post. Of course, Shep being Shep, he initially responded with anger and sarcasm, telling users to unfollow him.

Some posters were even tagging Whitney Sudler-Smith, Patricia Altschul and Andy Cohen in their messages. I am sure the three of them were thrilled to have any association with Shep’s mess. Maybe it is time for Patricia to permanently cross Shep off her guest list ala Thomas Ravenel.

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Time will tell if Shep learns anything from this PR debacle. On the first seasons of Southern Charm, Shep usually seemed, well, charming. Now he often comes across more like the vulgar man in the video. Maybe it is time to reassess things, Mr. Rose. Making a generous donation to a local homeless shelter would also be a great start to your apology tour.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]