Tamra Judge Talks About Her Estranged Daughter Sidney In A Documentary About “Erased Family Members”

It so hard to know what to believe when it comes to Tamra Judge’s estranged relationship with her daughter Sidney Barney. For everyone who watches Real Housewives of Orange County, it’s possible to go for the narrative that has Tamra’s ex husband Simon Barney controlling Sidney’s opinions about Tamra. Then there are these other accusations that Tamra is actually a “monster mom.” Either way, the result is the same: Tamra hasn’t seen her daughter in years and she considers herself to be an “erased mom” who has participated in a documentary about erased family members.

I have to admit that I feel really awkward writing this one. This is obviously a very sensitive topic for everyone involved and it’s just legitimately tough to know what’s actually true as a total outsider who’s attempting to observe. Is Tamra’s participation in this documentary a last ditch effort to appeal to Sidney? Or is this just making their private family struggle way more public than it needs to be?


Tamra posted a promotional image for the Erasing Family documentary on her Instagram page. Tamra explained, “This documentary has the goal of reaching young people and encouraging them to reunite with erased family members, it will be screened at universities , schools and streaming platforms.” I obviously don’t know the actual specifics of Tamra’s (lack of) relationship with Sidney, but it’s just very hard to make sense of the whole situation. If Sidney won’t even talk to Tamra, then why would she “come to her senses” after Tamra has talked about Sidney on RHOC and in this documentary?

For all I know, Tamra just doesn’t know what else to do, but Sidney has expressed how much she can’t stand Tamra bringing their private business into the public eye, so this doesn’t seem like it would actually help bring them together.

Back in 2015, Sidney wrote a Facebook post (that got deleted) slamming Tamra’s mothering abilities. She said that Tamra is “not a mother to me.” She also said, “When I told my mother that I didn’t want to live with her anymore I asked only a few things from her. For the past two years I’ve been asking her to stop treating me badly, to stop doing embarrassing and talking about me on the show, and to not use my siblings and I as storylines,”

Sidney also wrote, “If she really wanted me back in her life she would have taken responsibility and changed two years ago when I told the first time what was causing our relationship to suffer. Obviously, I am just another storyline that feeds her fame and her wallet.”

Tamra couldn’t believe that Sidney posted this rant and even responded to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter by saying, “I can guarantee she did not write it. I think we all know who did” obviously implying that Simon wrote it.

Even though the post got deleted from Facebook, Sidney took to Twitter to verify that she actually wrote the post and said, “This is my real Twitter and was my real Fb but my Fb got hacked and they changed my pass and deleted my post.” Sidney also tweeted, “Just to clear things up, my father did not hack my Facebook account or write my previous fb post I did.”

Along with the post about the documentary, Tamra also wrote, “If you’ve been erased from your child’s life I encourage you to join us to hear others speak of alienation and reunited families. You’re not alone and there is hope. Tickets are 150.00 until Feb 10 space is limited.#ERASEDMOM

If Tamra just took part in this documentary to reach out to Sidney, then why put the hash tag? It’s just hard to draw the line between “raising awareness” about an issue and promoting for entertainment purposes, especially when it comes to anyone involved with reality TV. A lot of this just doesn’t seem to add up though since Tamra has three children and two of them seem to be on good terms with her. As curious as I am about what is going on, it might just be best for the Barney family to keep this private.

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