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Kandi Burruss has been on Real Housewives of Atlanta for a long time, but this is the first season that the biggest story line of the season revolves around her. And it’s a lot to handle – at least for me.

From the constant business promotions to the defense of her marriage to Todd Tucker, Kandi sure has a lot to comment on. This is especially true after Kandi stepped up her game in her beef with Porsha Williams by printing out their text conversations, with color ink at that. I don’t blame her since Porsha claims that Kandi and Todd planned to drug her and Shamea Morton to bring them back to a “sex dungeon.”


Before discussing the juicy parts of this week’s episode, Kandi talked about the progress of her OLG restaurant in her most recent Bravo blog.

Kandi admitted, “This OLG restaurant has taken way longer than we expected. We had no idea how much of an undertaking this would be. People don’t realize that it’s not just a restaurant. We bought and renovated a multi-unit commercial property. So we weren’t just getting the restaurant done, we were also renovating other spaces in the building to be leased.”

Moving on to the text messages, Kandi declared, “I’ve come to the realization that Porsha has a lying problem. Every time you hit her with the truth, she comes out with another lie that was worse than the previous one.”

That’s definitely how it comes off to me. The woman is just grasping for a story line – which I don’t get because Porsha really does have an entertaining personality on her own. She doesn’t have to be so extra.

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Kandi also touched upon those damning drug claims that Porsha is responsible for. “When I first heard her throw out that drug allegation, I couldn’t believe it. That wasn’t shade, that was slander. Drugging someone and taking them to a sex dungeon is rape.”

Exactly. Porsha crossed the line. That accusation goes way beyond the shade and rumors that we have become accustomed to as Real Housewives viewers.

Kandi continued, “It’s unfortunate that some women will go so low and lie about something like that. That makes it hard for real victims that have truly been in that situation.”

As per usual, Porsha backpedaled on her claims, so I don’t blame Kandi for calling her out. “What irritated me is that Porsha tried to justify the lie by saying ‘someone’ told her that I said I would drug her. Who is this imaginary person?! And how did I supposedly say this about the night we hung out three years ago, but they just decided to tell her the day she and I had lunch and argued?”

None of Porsha‘s accusations make any sense. She has zero receipts to back up anything she says. She may be dragging Kandi all season, but I would not be surprised if a lot of viewers are dragging Porsha on social media for this messiness.

Kandi continued her claims that Porsha was the aggressor during their now-infamous make-out session in the club three years ago. “Porsha was the one pushing up on me that night years ago. She was being very aggressive. So for her to try to turn it around on me as if I would try to drug her was a vicious lie.”

I don’t blame Kandi for wanting to clear her name from such horrible claims.

Kandi wrote, “Obviously I wanted to defend myself and show proof of her lies. When I scrolled back through my phone, I saw her text saying how much fun she had on the night in question and she told me not to worry because she wouldn’t try to ‘rape’ me on camera. So I printed those texts to pull out just in case she decided to repeat that malicious lie. Which she did…”

First off, it is not at all acceptable for Porsha to use the word “rape” to joke with Kandi in that initial conversation – or ever. There is a lot wrong with that. Second, I’m happy that Kandi had the foresight about how shady Porsha is and printed out those texts. Porsha deserved to be put on blast… at least in my opinion… as a complete outsider who has never met any of these people and only forms opinions based on obsessive television viewing.

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Weirdly enough, Kandi whipping out the texts did not force Porsha to shut her mouth. Kandi explained her breaking point: “When Porsha said again at the table that ‘someone’ told her that I said I tried to drug her, I was done!”

Kandi continued, “I was calm at first, but even after I passed out the texts, she still tried to stick to that lie. That just pissed me off. It’s like, damn, at what point do you just admit you were wrong??? That girl has a problem. She was the one talking about ‘raping’ me clear as day in her text, but yet she wants to say I wanted to take advantage of her? Can someone please call Porsha‘s counselor and ask them to help her with her lying problem?”

Apparently incessant lying and attention-seeking are not topics that get covered during anger management sessions.


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