Kenya Moore Reflects On Her Drama With Matt Jordan From The Last Real Housewives Of Atlanta Episode

It seems like the saga between Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan has been going on forever. Just when I thought we were done watching this whole thing play out on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the last episode left off with the former (?) couple arguing and Matt calling Kenya out for having sex with him in his truck…. allegedly. Still, Kenya is doing what she can to make it known that she is so done with that situation even if Matt is still appearing on episodes that were filmed months ago.

Kenya is no stranger to throwing shade on social media. She loves posting an inspirational quote aimed at an enemy or even just calling someone out directly, so it was pretty much expected her to post her side of the story after that last episode.


Before the episode aired, Kenya posted a quote on Instagram that read, “It’s not what others think of you that determines your worth. It’s what you think of yourself.” This really could be about anyone on the show, but given the timing, it isn’t too much of a stretch to assume that it was about her way of warning the viewers about the next episode.

She captioned the quote with her own words: “No one else can tell you who you are and no one should care what anyone else thinks about them.”

One quote that was definitely  about Matt was a Kenya Moore original graphic that read “I’m Done” with a “#TheKenyaMoore” at the bottom. Kenya reflected, “Watching myself tonight from 6 months ago… realizing my failures are my successes, my regrets are my lessons and my life is immensely blessed.” Yep, we have a confirmation. That one was definitely directed toward Matt.

Kenya added, “I thank God everyday for my life. I wish you all love and happiness. We all deserve to be loved. Don’t ever settle.” Whether you love Kenya or love to hate on her, she is right: we all do deserve to be loved and we should never settle. Now, let’s just hope that we never see Matt on this show ever again… minus the obvious to be continued plot from this episode and most likely during the reunion… but after that, let’s pray that he’s done with his reality television stint.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]