Ramona Singer Justifies Investigating Tom D’Agostino

There’s an interesting juxtaposition when it comes to Ramona Singer’s candor on Real Housewives of New York. Sometimes she shares every thought that pops into her head and other occasions, she’s tight-lipped. Basically it comes down to this: Ramona has no problem expressing her opinion when it comes to other people’s lives; she doesn’t reveal much when it has to do with her own.

So yes, we saw Ramona coming home from a lunch date during the premiere, but there’s no way she’s going to say much about it other than describing it as a “hot date.” On the other hand, she has so many thoughts on Luann de Lesseps and her engagement to Tom D’Agostino. Not only that, but Ramona called Tom’s ex in California – in the middle of the night – just to get the scoop. Is she stirring the pot or genuinely trying to help Luann? It sure seems like the first one to me.


Ramona shared her thoughts on the premiere episode in her Bravo blog.

Ramona was asked if there would be more of her own dating life shown this season. In typical Ramona fashion, she does not actually answer the question, but she shares, “As far as my dating life, dating is never a problem for me. I meet men all the time and go out a lot, trust me! Now it’s about finding the right man to share the important part of this next part of my life! I really want him to be fun, smart, daring, a go-getter and someone that wants a family commitment as much as I do.” But do we get to see any of this on the show? That’s what the viewers actually care about.

It was a bad look for Ramona to be so involved in Luann and Tom’s relationship. Clearly, Luann is dead set on marrying this dude (and spoiler alert: she already has) so there’s really no point in trying to help her. She does what she wants to do and I bet she knows more than we realize when it comes to his behavior. Plus, it’s not like Ramona and Luann are on the best terms these days so it really seemed more like stirring the pot than actually trying to help Luann.

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Still, Ramona maintains, “I don’t really consider it detective work. I look at it as research to protect my friend.  It’s not that I am ‘interested’ in the true definition of interest. It’s more about caring and trying to protect my friend.”

Ramona explains, “I have come from a place of lies and cheats, and if I can offer up to Luann details or information so she can make the best choices for her, why not?  I would hope that someone would do that for me.” I definitely understand that, but it really just came off like she was snooping on the quest for salacious gossip.

And that dinner with Luann was so awkward, especially when Ramona asked why she wasn’t invited to the bridal shower. Ramona recalls, As far as not being included or invited? To her bridal shower, yes of course it bothered me. Not sure totally how she couldn’t have included me, as we do have a 10 year friendship together. We may have had our ups and downs through the years, but at this point sometimes you have to look past the past! And move forward to the future.”

Not everyone can forgive in ten seconds flat the way Ramona tends to. And I mean why would Luann invite someone who was trying to investigate her man and stop the wedding from happening? Plus, Ramona did (kind of, sort of) date Tom for a minute and a half.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]