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Sheree Whitfield Thinks Kenya Moore Was “Classless” & “Disrespectful” At Her Housewarming Party

I am one of the few people who fall into the rare cross section of Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers who are both Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore fans. I know that they cannot stand each other and I should probably pick a side, but I just think that they are both so shady and entertaining.

After two years of shading each other’s Atlanta mansions, I would have assumed that they were going to go in on each other at the Chateau Sheree housewarming party, but Kim Zolciak randomly showed up and came for Kenya- hard. Now I’m just hoping that the real estate-related shade has come to an end. I’m ready for a new story line.


After years of build-up, we all have to admit that Sheree’s house looks dope. Still, her housewarming party was full of drama. Thankfully for Sheree, none of it really had to do with her. I have no idea why Kim was so enraged by Kenya, but I’m sure Sheree was happy to see Kenya getting roasted by someone else.

In her Bravo blog, Sheree wrote, “Nothing Miss Kenya does surprises me.” I get why Kenya would want to point out the flaws in Chateau Sheree after Sheree hated on Moore Manor, but roaming around the house without permission just to make sure that the camera crew captured the unfinished basement was a little much.

Sheree explained, “I do feel that her actions where disrespectful and classless. Did I point out what I saw in her home that was unfinished? ABSOLUTELY, after she began shading me. However, I did not go into her home and go wander around freely throughout her residence. I respected the fact that I was in her home and only remained in the sections of the home that were open to guests.” It’s hard to know who is right here. They both really went in on each other’s homes and said the most unnecessary (albeit hilarious things), but it really seemed like Kenya was thirsting for ammunition when she went down into that basement.

As far as that Kenya and Kim argument, Sheree did not seem to be fazed by it. Sheree said, “Kim and I have history, so I know that Kim can handle herself. I had no problem sitting back and enjoying the exchange.” Of course she did. Sheree has been trying to put Kenya in her place all season. Kim just finished the job.

Sheree agreed with my sentiment: “Kenya definitely met her match with Kim.” I still don’t really get what Kim was so mad about. Maybe she was just standing up for Chateau Sheree and getting vicariously offended by Kenya’s trespassing. Or maybe she was just trying to earn a hefty paycheck if she returns to Real Housewives of Atlanta next year.

Sheree concluded, “One thing about Kim I always loved is that she will definitely give it to you straight with no chaser. Kenya was clearly not prepared for what Kim served, but if you can dish it out, be prepared to take it!” Somehow, I don’t feel like Kenya was at-all fazed. She really seems to live for this kind of tension and I’m sure she has a million insults to spew back in Kim’s direction. This is way more entertaining than fighting over mansions.

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