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Photos – Sheree Whitfield Thinks Kenya Moore Is “Evil” & “Miserable”; Gizelle Bryant Says Karen Huger Is “Extra Messy”


I still can’t believe that Sheree Whitfield’s mansion is finally “finished.” Sure, that last word is debatable, but we all have to agree that the house did look gorgeous (for the most part). Plus, the Chateau Sheree housewarming party brought some great drama to finish out the Real Housewives of Atlanta season… before the reunion. So obviously Sheree had a lot to say about it during her Watch What Happens Live appearance last night.

Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant also stopped by to throw some shade at her costars and to react to the Atlanta antics as well. Not only that, but Sheree’s son Kairo Whitfield provided some eye candy as a bartender and answered a lot of questions as well.


Even though Sheree still hasn’t figured out her She by Sheree clothing line situation, her son Kairo was rocking a shirt from Kairo Whitfield Apparel. He even gave one to Andy Cohen. This kid is really on his game. He also commented on his mom finally finishing Chateau Sheree. He said, “Very proud. It took a while to get there, but I’m very proud.” Aaawww.

I am still struggling to get into the Potomac drama, but Gizelle was serving up some delicious shade during this Watch What Happens Live episode. Andy asked Gizelle if she was surprised to see Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger discussing her feud with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Gizelle responded, “No because actually Robyn and I already talked about it and Karen was just being extra messy like Karen likes to do. I’m a friend to Robyn and if she wants to state her opinion, that’s why we’re friends. It’s okay.”

Gizelle also gave her opinion on Phaedra Parks being involved, but not involved, while still being involved with the lawsuit against Kandi Burruss: “I’m with Kandi on this. I’m a little Team Kandi. It just seems shady representing the guy that used to work for Kandi and not really representing, but not owning to the fact that you’re kind of representing him. That’s a little shady.” Sure, that wording is a little hard to follow out of context, but watching the show, I definitely agree with her on that one.

Andy tried to stir the pot with some questions for Kairo. He asked, “Has Kenya [Moore] ever flirted with you?” And Kairo said, “No, not yet.” But that wasn’t the best part. Andy also said, “Porsha [Williams] is the youngest Real Housewife of Atlanta, have you had a moment where you looked at her and thought ‘I would like to date her’?” I figured Kairo would just blush and brush off the question, but he kept it real and admitted, “Yes I have. You could put in a good word for me.” All Sheree had to say about this was “What!?” Yeah, same, but I am all for this idea. It would be an amazing story line next season. So if Porsha’s typical casting procedure to get seasonal boyfriends doesn’t work out, she could always check out Kairo… because I mean, aren’t we all checking out Kairo? Or maybe that’s just me.

A viewer asked Gizelle about being threatened by the new girls- which is how she came off when Ashley Darby arrived last year and last night as Monique Samuels showed up for high tea. Gizelle claimed, “That day I wasn’t ready to meet somebody new. I was still going through Charrisse-gate and she’s Charrisse’s friends so she got kind of shade from association.

I know that scene was filmed a while ago, but it’s still hard to tell if Gizelle likes Monique at this point, although it seems like Gizelle really doesn’t like most people. Gizelle said, “Monique talks a lot. She’s a very pretty girl. A lot of the times when she’s talking, I’m never listening, but it’s a work in progress.” So it’s safe to say that they’re not besties.

Sheree was asked if Phaedra was really not divorced STILL even though she has claimed she was MANY times in the past. Sheree said, “That’s what they say. I don’t know for sure. I haven’t pulled any documents, but they do say that shes not divorced. Andy interjected, “Phaedra did bring a document to the reunion… which was interesting.” Sorry to pull a Gizelle Bryant, but “word on the street” is that Phaedra might have brought a fake document to confirm her divorce status.

One of the viewers said exactly what was on my mind every time I saw a scene with Karen Huger in it: “Do you think Karen is legitimately downsizing or is she just having money problems?” Surprisingly enough, Gizelle didn’t throw Karen under the bus and she just said, “I cannot speak for the bank account for the Black Bill Gates. I would never do that. So I don’t know. I plead the fifth.” However, Andy said, “I will say that Karen’s move becomes a major story line later in the season and it’s very interesting.” So I have to assume that Gizelle wasn’t trying to be kind or respectful to Karen by not discussing her housing situation and she was just trying to keep an upcoming story line under wraps.

Andy got both Whitfields to admit, “I am single right now” and he got a mysterious “No” out of Gizelle when the question came her way.  Gizelle also just said “no” when she was asked if she regretted bringing up Charrisse and the fireman on a previous Watch What Happens Live episode.

Sheree looked beyond uncomfortable when the subject turned to the unfinished basement that we saw during the housewarming party. Andy shadily asked, “What does the basement look like now?” And Sheree said, “It is in the works. So I am finishing the basement. It was being finished prior, but I had a leak and we stopped.” I am sure Kenya was laughing out loud at that response.

Sheree revealed that she invited NeNe Leakes and Season 1 cast member DeShawn Snow to the party. She also said, “I did not invite Bob [Whitfield] to the housewarming because I felt like so much had gone on between us and I just wanted that to be my night with no unnecessary drama or negativity.

Gizelle got a couple more digs in before the end of the episode. A viewer asked if she felt Karen was just trying to be friends with Robyn to get some dirt and Gizelle confirmed, “Of course. No one’s paying attention to her.” Andy asked her to rate the food at Ashley’s restaurant and Gizelle replied, “It’s a work in progress.”

To close up the night, Sheree took a stab at Kenya: “She’s just evil. She’s miserable. That day, I just didn’t want to kick her out or anything.” Well, duh. Of course Sheree didn’t kick her out. Kenya’s drama meant that her house was going to get more screen time. There’s no chance in hell Sheree was going to pass up chance to get her base boards on reality television.

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