Eden Sassoon

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers barely got to know Eden Sassoon. Other than mentions of her long hugs, dating app connections, and her famous dad, we got nothing from her other than some drama with Kyle Richards and Kim Richards, which was way out of her league.

She had no chance arguing with the OG cast members. Unfortunately for Eden, she was on her Richards crusade thanks to false information from Lisa Rinna. Unfortunately for the viewers, Eden didn’t amuse us with anything other than that black wig she wore during the Hong Kong trip.


Eden is trying to make up for the lackluster first season with her reunion appearance and her latest Bravo blog, but she is fighting a losing battle. Kyle is pretty much untouchable on this show.

Eden recalled, “Andy starts off by asking me why I was saying Kyle was being mean to me on Twitter. When I was watching the episodes back, I did feel Kyle was being mean to me. Every other confessional was about me being annoying as f— or weird or that I needed therapy. That is really hard to watch. You don’t have to like me, but you don’t have to be rude every week.”

How did Eden expect Kyle to respond when she asked her about her family’s history with alcohol during the first lunch they ever had? Was Kyle supposed to praise Eden in her on camera interviews after Eden insisted Kyle enabled Kim? Yes, this all stems from Rinna, but Eden didn’t handle it well. AT ALL.

Eden admitted, “I did think Kyle was being cold to me at Game Night, but maybe I just misread us not communicating much that night (because we didn’t know each other) as her being cold. I also tried to help Kim and Rinna actually hear each other when they started to fight. I was genuinely trying to help Kim be heard, and I think I may have expected Kyle to appreciate that more than she did.”

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Maybe she should have waited until she actually knew Kim and Kyle to actually intervene in their relationship…a novel idea, apparently.

I completely agree with Eden for saying, “I truly do think Kim is in the wrong when she places all of her anger on me for repeating to [Lisa] Vanderpump what Rinna said. RINNA ALREADY SAID IT ON CAMERA! I had no one in this group who would listen to me beside Vanderpump and Rinna, and I wasn’t going to talk to Rinna who was constantly using me to create drama. #ThisIsntMyfault.”

It’s not Eden‘s fault, but she definitely made it worse and acted before she had any receipts. A total rookie mistake.

Eden stole the words from my Bravo-devoted group text when she wrote, “OMG THE BUNNY!” That was chilling encounter. I’ve been hating on Rinna this whole season, but that really was tough to watch. Eden declared, “I think it was calculated and mean, and she wanted to hurt Rinna by doing that on TV. Honestly, Kyle’s reaction said it all. Kyle was #Mortified Kim just did that. The whole thing was weird.” Yes it was.


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]

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