Eden Sassoon Admits She Had Nothing To Add To The Argument In Hong Kong

Eden Sassoon didn’t have much to add to the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills in Hong Kong, but she did rock an awesomely bad wig and apparently meet up with her Instagram dude – so the trip was not entirely in vain! This week, Eden chose – or was forced – to be a bit player on the stage, a role she says suited the situation well, considering how the trip devolved into a string of explosive arguments and salacious accusations.

In her RHOBH blog, Eden asks, “Have you guys ever been in a situation where there are two girls fighting in front of you and you literally have no idea what to do but lie down and cross your feet behind your head and watch? Oh no? Just me? The only thing that would have made the situation better was if I had some popcorn to eat while I watched what seemed like a fast-paced tennis match! #Nuts”


Eden breaks down the fight between Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi, which she says had been brewing for quite some time. “Erika and Dorit both had feelings that clearly weren’t expressed until that moment. They built up frustration with each other that needed to be discussed, but instead of much discussion, it turned into this #HUGE fight! Kyle [Richards], [Lisa] Vanderpump, and me didn’t say a word. How could you? What would you even say? This was for them to figure out.”

After teams were formed post-junk boat, Eden hung with Erika, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson back at the hotel. Defending Erika against accusations of being “the ice queen,” Eden argues, “I think everyone needed to see her being vulnerable. Erika is not cold, and everyone can see that very clearly after Hong Kong.”

At least there was a Buddha to see and enormous incense to light! Eden reflects, “It’s #Buddha time! I was so excited. I needed some spiritual time in Hong Kong, especially after that blowout. We were so blown away by the beauty. Everything seemed very calm on the gondola ride. Was the rain a coincidence? I think someone up above knew we needed a cleanse. #LOL”

No sooner did the ladies get spiritually centered (well…sorta), than the dinner from hell blew up in their glam squad prepped faces. Eden blogs, “Now it was off to another awkward dinner. Seriously? We are in the most beautiful restaurant ever. Why can’t we just get along and eat good food? #AnotherSilentDinnerForMe”

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Rinna brings up the husband…now they are yelling in the restaurant! Eileen accidentally bring up kids, now there is crying and louder yelling in the restaurant. This is #Insane! It kept going and going and going. I JUST WANTED DINNER. Everything was out of control, and I didn’t say one word, literally.”

Revealing that she switched seats with Rinna after the argument to comfort Eileen (really!?), Eden goes on to defend Eileen’s misstep in bringing up children. “Everyone knew she didn’t mean to talk about Erika’s son. That was not intentional at all; it was just something that came out in the moment. Eileen loves Erika.”

Perhaps the most bizarre addition Eden brought to the Hong Kong trip was her black wig, which has taken on a life of its own on social media.

True story: I tweeted a poll asking what the craziest moment of this week’s RHOBH was – 1) Erika’s meltdown, 2) Rinna’s coke comment, or 3) Eden’s wig (ha ha). Eden replied with this pic, which I’ll admit at nearly midnight, made me scream like a little girl:


Eden has since pinned the photo on Twitter, which has garnered horror movie reactions far and wide. She also posted a pic of her wig – poised atop a Styrofoam head – watching Tuesday night’s episode live. Perhaps I need my own brand of mental help, but I FIND THIS HILARIOUS and for some reason, it makes me love this crazy chick a little bit more. Self deprecation can take a Housewife far, after all. And after all of the vitriol RHOBH served up this week, what’s a little spooky wig humor gonna hurt anyone? 😉


Photo Credit: Instagram & Twitter

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