I don’t know about you, but I was so happy to have Sheree Whitfield back as a full-time cast member this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. The bone collector was the one who kept the story lines going and I was grateful for that. I’m also happy that Chateau Sheree is finally done (allegedly) because yes, I’m happy for Sheree, but I’m also happy that the viewers won’t have to hear about baseboards and furniture shopping for another season.

Even though I’m in the minority of people who think Kenya Moore is hilarious, I love it when Sheree comes for her. I’m in that even smaller minority of viewers that are both Kenya and Sheree fans. Sheree shared her thoughts on Kenya’s random argument with Kim Zolciak during the finale and she teased some EPIC drama from the RHOA reunion.


Sheree did an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast to discuss the Chateau Sheree housewarming party at the finale and the four part reunion. She was asked if she expected Kenya and Kim to go at it during the finale and she admitted, “No. I had no idea that would happen. First of all, no one knew that tacky Kenya would go into the basement. Who goes into someone’s basement? Clearly the party is on the main level, but you know that’s just who she is.” Yeah, she was really doing the most that night. Not a good look for Kenya.. or the basement.

No one ever acknowledges that Kandi Burruss was right next to Kenya when she brought the camera crew down into the basement- until this interview. Sheree was asked if she felt Kandi was being shady and apparently Kandi’s presence didn’t bother Sheree since she said, “Kandi was just kind of being dragged downhill. Kandi knows better.” For all we know, there is some part that didn’t make the episode with Kandi telling Kenya that it wasn’t a good idea to be down there, but we didn’t get to see anything like that. Thankfully for Kandi, Kim and Kenya immediately got into it and pretty much everyone forgot that Kandi was in the basement too.

Moving on to the reunion, Sheree shared, “I really can’t sleep the night before the reunion because you already know the shit is about to go down. You know something’s gonna happen. You’re gonna have to rehash all of this stuff that you kind of maybe not want to talk about again, but you have to.” I’m sure most of the Housewives feel that way and it’s totally understandable. The drama always go down and the skeletons always come out at the reunion taping.

Sheree teased, “No one expected to hear that juicy tea that broke during the reunion.” Sheree didn’t get specific, but she did say, “Oh my god. New levels like never before. I never imagined that this could be happening. It happened.” This makes me wish that part one of the reunion wasn’t aired and that they just got right to the good stuff. Let’s be real, part one was pretty much just fluff and pretty much nothing shocking happened. I’m ready to hear the good stuff.

When she was asked who had the hardest time at the reunion, Sheree said, “I would definitely say a couple people. Definitely Kandi and Porsha [Williams].” Am I the only one surprised that Sheree didn’t throw Phaedra Parks’s name out there? I feel like she has a lot to answer for from her fabricated divorce status to the demise of her friendship with Kandi. Sheree added, “I had my moments too with you know, my ex, but I think we’re able to get it out, talk about it. I’m glad he was there. I think he needed to be there to tell his side.” At the end of the day, Sheree said that Bob Whitfield’s reunion appearance was “therapeutic.”

And it seems like that “Will they get back together?” story line between Sheree and Bob is officially done. Sheree was asked, “If and when there’s a new season, do you think we’ll see you move on with someone else?” Sheree answered, “I think so.” She added, “I’m definitely dating. It’s been good so far.” I’m jumping way ahead of myself here, but I would love to see Sheree yelling at a wedding planner on an upcoming RHOA season.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]