Kenya & Cynthia

I feel like it wouldn’t be a Real Housewives reunion if one cast member didn’t pull the “bully” card for virtually no reason. After a season of pot stirring, rumor spreading, and straight up lying, Porsha Williams became the latest person to do this on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. To be honest it seemed like a last ditch effort to deflect from all of the trouble she got into this season.

Cynthia Bailey was obviously offended by Porsha’s bullying accusations. But then again the reunion could have been way worse for Cynthia. The other cast members are definitely struggling a lot more. Speaking of the struggle, pretty much everyone felt for Sheree Whitfield when she opened up about the abuse from Bob Whitfield. I still don’t get why she was not sympathetic toward Kenya Moore, but I guess that’s a slightly different situation.


Cynthia addressed Porsha’s bullying accusation in her Bravo blog. She recalled, “I still have very vivid memories of being afraid to go to school and all of the anxiety that came with not knowing whether or not the bullies were going to harass me or beat me up was a horrible experience.” That sounds a lot worse than anything Porsha has gone through this season.

Cynthia continued, “There are far too many kids that are victims of bullying, and unfortunately many don’t live to survive it. I am not a bully, and would never bully anyone. There is nothing now, nor has there ever been anything in my character that represents this type of negative behavior. It is offensive to be label as such.”

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Out of everyone in the cast, Cynthia is the furthest from earning that label. If anything it can be argued that Porsha bullied her costars, but I don’t want to pull a Porsha and throw out those accusations.

Aside from dodging the bullying claims from Porsha, Cynthia shared her thoughts on the emotional moment Sheree had during part two of the reunion. Cynthia admitted, “My heart went out to Sheree. I believe that by sharing her story with the world, she empowered herself and many other women that are or have been in her shoes. I was happy that she was finally comfortable facing her issues and can move on with her life.”


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